Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fear and trembling... and battle metal

♫ Sonata Arctica – Tallulah

Damn damn, I wish I had had time to update my blog earlier during the week so that my post subjects would be more in-keeping with real topical issues... such as Halloween. But I guess I will now write about what happened last weekend, and I will probably have to skip Halloween for now. I'm going to a Halloween party tonight – having been over-enthusiastic about my Halloween style for a month or so. I've already tested my idea and it seemed to work well – and I took some photos too, but I think I cannot publish them yet! I might be attending another Halloween party (with totally different people) on All Saints' Day, and I cannot let all those friends stalking my blog see what I have planned. ;D

Last weekend was all about partying, probably in order to celebrate my birthday. There was an event called Very Possessed: 20 years of Spinefarm records in Tampere, with MyGrain, Profane Omen, Metsatöll and Ensiferum playing there. I went there merely because of Ensiferum, which was also the main act. We did not even go there early enough to see MyGrain, whereas Metsatöll, playing second, was entertaining. They are from Estonia, singing in Estonian, and it probably sounds more amusing to Finns than it would to English-speaking people, for example. I like Estonian although I basically don't understand it (much). However, the vocalist pretty much spoke in Finnish, yet it was obvious it was not his first language.


Please excuse the quality of my photos again. I didn't want to concentrate on taking photos so I only had my little compact camera with me, and hence, the photos aren't breathtaking.


Unfortunately enough, I began to feel very bad before Ensiferum's turn, and by the time I was standing as close to the stage as possible, waiting for them, I no longer knew whether I would faint, vomit or just crack up. And the feeling did not go away during the night anymore. However, as stubborn as I am, I couldn't bring myself to leaving my spot and looking for a place to sit – I thought that since I had come to see them, I would be listening to them as close as possible; that's how I usually enjoy my gigs. Violent mosh pits behind my back didn't help at all, and whenever I couldn't see a single friend I felt a bit vulnerable, wondering what would actually have happened if I had fainted there.

However, I stood there for the whole time, and I guess it was worth it. I got to shake hands with two members of Ensiferum, and such little details are the things that make gigs unforgettable to me. Like this. 

I also want to embed one Ensiferum song here – one of the less well-known old songs. I've been listening to it quite a lot lately.

Ensiferum – Battle Song

Onto other matters then... Fear and trembling (see the post title) is a novel by Amélie Nothomb, which I have read long ago – it's entertaining enough if you're interested in Japanese culture. However, what I was actually referring to with those words was probably the feeling – or feelings – which I have been going through lately.

Although this is not a ranting blog, I could explain the situation a bit as it affects me so much, and probably kills my blogging mood every now and then too. My dog's condition has kept me downcast for a while now. She's just so very tired... And so very weak. I'm afraid of losing her any time now, although she could live for years still with her medication. However, no one knows how she's doing for real. Now, I certainly have to point out that she is most likely not in pain, and receiving such treatment a vet recommended. I'm saying this because I don't want to hear anything about being cruel for not putting her down. However, it's heartbreaking to see that a dog who was active and happy back in July is now very slow, inactive and tired. And I'm taking the whole issue particularly hard. I've been crying so much lately, especially when I go to sleep. The other day I started to cry at work only because I was thinking of her. I know I cannot do much to her. Then I feel bad if I try to think of something else or even have some fun. I know I shouldn't refrain from living as she's not dead yet and might not even be dying any time soon. But she means a world to me. Maybe I'll make a post of her some time in the future to explain these things better – to elaborate on what exactly is so special about her. Naturally, each and every pet should be very special to its owners, yet my dog has quirks that have been relatively "widely acknowledged".

...I should start making myself up for the party soon. Should probably eat a bit before it too. Yet I'll still mention one thing, my newest creative project. Recently I purchased four photo frames; one decorative and three simple ones of the same style. Yet I won't be putting photos into the frames but I'll pull myself together and draw/design something to fill them with. The single frame will be reserved for something Edgar Allan Poe inspired, whereas those three... Well, they will all have the same theme, maybe you can guess what it is.

Already got this far with the Poe piece!

Now I need to attend to other things. So long, and happy Halloween! And welcome aboard, my newest readers! ♥

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Come sing along with the pirate song – a pirate party playlist!

I think I never talked much about my playlist for the pirate themed party I held in July. Now that Halloween is approaching, I figured I would make a post about my picks for a piratey playlist – especially since I know I am not the only one who's into pirate parties! Maybe they are even trendy these days? When I was in a costume shop before my own party, a 30+-year-old man came in looking for some pirate attire.

Anyway! I will recommend some ten~ piratey songs which should really appear on a piratey playlist for a piratey party. I must point out that I'm into heavy music in general, and I haven't delved much into piratey songs of totally different genres. However, the songs presented here have 100% pirate credibility.

1. Running Wild – Pirate Song

Running Wild is basically the first "pirate metal" band, and it sounds like what it is; 80's heavy/power/speed metal with piratey lyrics.

2. Alestorm – Shipwrecked

Alestorm is my favourite piratey band, yet this is not my favourite song. However, I chose to present it because of the music video, and the song is good too. Alestorm dominated my party playlist because all of their songs are about pirates, and so many of them are perfect for such a party! I truly suggest checking out some others in Youtube or elsewhere. My favourite song is Captain Morgan's Revenge (must embed it as well!), and other must-have tracks for a party playlist would be Wenches & Mead, Pirate Song, Keelhauled, Nancy the Tavern Wench, The Sunk'n Norwegian, Rum and Back Through Time.

Alestorm – Captain Morgan's Revenge

"At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jig
So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig"

3. Turisas – Hunting Pirates

I know I have already shared this song in my blog, but here it goes again. Okay well – maybe it has an anti-piratey twist since "...when the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates", but isn't it just natural for pirates to have enemies? Otherwise Turisas' lyrics are battle/viking inspired – worth checking out too. Go listen to Sahti Waari.

4. Tierra Santa – La Cancion Del Pirata I (&II)

Some Spanish for now! I don't understand it at all, yet still enough to know what these songs are all about! The parts of the song are combined on the video, but at least in Spotify they're available separately. The first part is my favourite.

5. Hans Zimmer – Drink Up Me Hearties

Naturally, from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack. Even in a piratey party, you will need a moment for an instrumental song so that your guests can down their rum and everyone gets to catch their breath after all that singing. Besides, the song still comprises some very lively parts too. The PotC soundtracks have other nice party tracks too – such as Two Hornpipes from Dead Man's Chest OST.

6. Orden Ogan – We Are Pirates

Presenting this one with a video too, since the video is awesome, and this just might be the best piratey song I know. It's just so epic, you must watch the video (fullscreen!).

"A black sky above, our kingdom beneath
Die in the waves or live on your knees"

7. Pirates of the Sea – Wolves of the Sea

I have already embedded this one in my blog once, but it should be listed here too. Latvia's Eurovision Song Contest entry in 2008. Alestorm has a cover version of this song.

8. Blaggards – Drunken Sailor

The song is a traditional shanty, Blaggards made it rock. Check out Irish Rovers' version too.

9. Lazy Town – You are a pirate!

...yes, I've embedded this in the past too. Watch the video and practise the girl's dance in order to be hardcore. A tip: Alestorm made a cover version!

10. Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)

It was annoyingly difficult to find a proper version to embed here, and I was also looking for another pirate shanty, Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum (Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest). It seems no one has made any cool versions of them! The latter has been released on a Pirate Party Music CD with the name The Pirate Song, though. You will find it in Spotify.

If you're into techno, try..:

Toy-Box – The Sailor Song

For Finns (and naturally, non-Finns as well):

Hevisaurus – Kapteeni Koukku

If your inner pirate would prefer flying:

Abney Park – Airship Pirate

And a few more...
I will not embed the rest of the songs since they are not exactly piratey. However, some of them will certainly suit such a theme party, and at least we listened to some of those in mine.

Korpiklaani – Vodka
Korpiklaani – Tequila
Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern
Dingo – Kiinanmeri
Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

I hope this post was of some pleasure to you captains out there! Come raise the flag of the fallen and have some joyous pirate parties!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bloody hell – sanity revamped

♫ Alestorm – I am a cider drinker

*a deep sigh of relief*

I shall hereby present Quicksilver Sanity with a brand new layout.

Now, for the first time, the background and header images have actually been made by me. This has certainly been a "Cobbler's children have no shoes" issue since I am a graphic designer yet it took me, what, ten months to create a layout of my own for my blog? On the other hand this is not that strange – a similar issue to what a photographer co-worker told me recently; when on a vacation abroad, his wife takes more photos than he does.

Now the layout looks more like "me" and features a quote by Poe too. However, had I known what a pain it would be to put it up, I would have considered twice! I had several problems from finding an image host which wouldn't automatically resize images to figuring out how the heck Blogger templates work. Mind you, I know HTML and CSS well, probably to the extent of being totally handicapped with graphic layout editors. Please excuse my language.

I think I certainly deserve some dinner now – maybe some noodles with green pesto, yum. I'm also going to dye my hair either tonight or tomorrow, will see how that turns out... So long!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Now, how old are you, where is your harbour?

♫ Týr – Gandvkæþi Tróndar
"Have many things to do, open the door.
Yes, I live so true, without my lover
But tell me if the sky is blue, how old are you?"
...a year older as of today. Getting to the numbers where it no longer feels great to age, yet I don't feel desperate yet.

Last weekend I visited my parents. They gave me a birthday present in advance; a bottle of sparkling wine, some glasses and a bottle opener... They're contributing to my alcoholism, hmm?

I have a bottle of white wine and sparkling wine, yet "no one" to share them with, I think... My friends seem to be so picky! (Not that I wouldn't be, miss No-red-wine-or-beer-thank-you.)

My cupboard isn't that exciting with all those pints and such, yet I actually like the cupboard itself a lot. Behold the pretty handle!

The song which I quoted in the headline and afterwards is Miko Mission's hit from the 80's. I was going to link it from Youtube, but then I couldn't find my favourite version, thus... Go find one to listen to by yourself.

Besides my birthday, it's also a national failure day today. No wonder... Oh well, my day was nice enough, yet the weather wasn't that nice; it was blowing hard and uhhuh...
"And the wind, and the wind I know it's cold..."
A bit of an Emilie Autumnism. I don't like wind. Not at all.

This song, Tsumetai Kaze by Penicillin, is one of my favourite of their songs, and it means "cold wind". The video is perhaps a bit strange, but also very nice in a way. Enjoy!

I was going to write a more deep post today, but I've been working on this entry for a while now and I feel like playing or relaxing or something. Thank god it's Friday tomorrow! So long!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A bit o' this and that

♫ Twilightning – Enslaved to the Mind

Firstly, I want to wish the new readers warmly welcome aboard!

As the days get colder and I can no longer ignore the fact it's autumn now, I also begin to notice all the little things I need to purchase, rather as soon as possible. However, I've had these "asap" needs for quite a while now. I've been looking for a new autumn/spring jacket for a few years. I've noticed how I seriously need to buy a bit of this and that, from the very top to the very bottom (on both y and z axes)...

Well, I've managed to find something I need. I truly hate lingerie shopping (+ tights and stockings) for a simple reason; most brands don't even have my size. That doesn't apply to stockings however – they're annoying simply because I would need new ones so often.

I won't be showing off the lingerie pieces I managed to find, because well... No. However, my attention was caught by a discount accessory with a price tag of 1 €. I took it, and later when I checked the receipt it had obviously cost only 0,50 €.

Imagine seeing a tone of green? Maybe it's not just your imagination. It's an interesting hue altogether.

A bit later I found an interesting bag – I had been looking for something like this to complete my corporate looks. I'm not yet sure if I should say it's compact or cramped – it's a bit tricky to cram my keys, cell phone, wallet, bus card, headphones, bottle of water and some lunch box into it. Yet I've managed.

Unfortunately enough, I also popped to a newly-opened shoe store nearby and ended up buying a pair of shoes. *gasp* On the other hand I needed something like these too, as a slightly similar pair I have had begun to fall into pieces. I'm trying to complete my corp goth looks with these as well, yet – no matter how lame it is – I'm often in such a terrible hurry in the morning by the time I notice I should be on my way to the bus stop already that I don't have the time to tie any shoe laces!

*sigh* I'm also looking forward to receiving a parcel from H&M with a few basic everyday need items + a dress I bought just for fun (still for the corporate looks). Lately, I've been more into dresses than skirts. Anyway, I have no idea when I'll actually get those – their estimated arrival times keep changing so often. I wished I'd get the dress by my birthday (the 13th) but that seems unlikely now. I will put off celebrating until the 22th, but it seems I won't get it by that day either.

Enough with all the shopping. I had great fun at the 80's party on Saturday. Wonderful music and awesome company. If one of the best party songs was on Youtube, I'd link it here, but unfortunately it isn't there. Instead, I'll link something else, which I had listened to before the party but never really fallen for it, but goddamnit, it sounded much better on the dance floor.

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy

I also found yet another slightly 80's themed party in the city – something I could be looking forward to, although I'm not sure if I'm going. Ah, but just the possibility of partying like it was the 80's keeps me happy. So long!
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