Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Harnessing my superpowers

♫ Guardians of Time – Altered in Red

At the end of last year, I thought I could give myself sort of a Christmas present and since I had managed to find something after a long search, I placed an order online and began to wait with excitement...

I thought I had finally found a steampunk-style harness in a nice color, in my size and at a reasonable price. And knowing that new customs regulations would come into effect at the beginning of 2013 (which would result in online shoppers having to pay VAT in Finland more often), I didn't hesitate to buy the harness.

And things didn't go quite as planned. The harness was shipped particularly fast (=in 15 minutes!) in 2012 but unfortunately enough, it arrived in 2013 and got stuck at customs, and I had to pay the VAT. Damn. And then, even though the product turned out to be otherwise as described, it was more or less too "big" for me. Okay, not exactly loose, but certainly not very snug like it probably should be. I guess I can still wear it, maybe with some thicker fabric underneath...

The angle certainly flatters my arm!

The color is a nice grey – I guess it might be the best for me since most of my clothes are black, and a black harness wouldn't stand out well enough. I had thought about brown, but hesitated since I don't have any brown leather / suede / faux leather / faux suede items. (The harness is made of faux suede.) The lovely details include antique keys and some gears hanging on silver chains.

I hope I can put it into good use although it doesn't quite fit so perfectly. :x It's too cute to be left to gather dust in my wardrobe.

Monday, 7 January 2013

A heart of glass

When it comes to decorating my home, I'm the type who keeps saying "well, whenever I have an apartment of my own..." and well, maybe part of that sentence is true too – some of my ideas cannot be carried out in a rented flat, and if I was about to buy a house, I would buy one with enough space for everything I really need, now I've had to make a lot of compromises (thank you, pole).

I have quite a small dining table, a square one in shape, and I had been looking for a tablecloth for it for ages. Seriously – it's almost impossible to find square tablecloths! Sure, I could have gone to a fabric store and maybe pay someone for seaming it, but I cannot say I feel particularly at home in the middle of huge spools of fabric.

In the sales after Christmas, I came across a black tablecloth which was still a rectangle, but so cheap I figured I could try what it would look like folded on my small table. If one side of the table wasn't against a wall, I wouldn't have done that, but since it is (and won't be moved anywhere as long as I'm living in this apartment), I gave it a try, and it didn't turn out so bad. I also purchased some cheap brown place mats, but I doubt I'll be keeping them on the table all the time since they are so big and the table surface so small. However, I figured they would be less troublesome than having to wash and iron the big tablecloth all the time. :>

Like I probably said at some point, I knew I wouldn't be getting any presents for Christmas as we don't do that anymore, but nevertheless, I managed to grab a bit of this and that with me – items that others didn't need and thought I might. That's how I got the red Mariskooli bowl. I really like the color and wanted to place it on the table with the black cloth. And well, I'm not too fond of the brand Marimekko, but when it comes to Finnish glass design... Yeah, I really like it, I even wanted to become a glassblower ten years ago.

With this fake place setting, I'm showing off some tableware I have. To be honest, I wouldn't have enough similar plates or most pieces to serve a dinner for four, but I've managed with what I have. I haven't bought any dishes by myself (except for some glasses for alcohol) but received them as gifts – and mostly before I moved away from home. I didn't ask for any certain series, but I've got Aino Aalto glasses and Teema plates and bowls – both by Iittala, like that Mariskooli. Teema may not be my favorite series of them all, but I do think it's practical and versatile. And naturally, all those products are very high quality.

I own way too many mugs considering how little I need them – I don't drink coffee (at least not at home) or tea or barely anything else warm either, so I only need glasses. Of course I occasionally serve coffee or tea to my guests, but hardly no more than three cups max. Most of my mugs are Teema as well, but I have a pair of Taika mugs which I think I got as a high school graduation present. If I ever drink anything hot, that's what I use! I also think Taika design is very beautiful in black and white.

I also own some pints, wine and other glasses, but they are not by any too fancy brands. But seriously, I have a thing about Finnish glass design, and I'm particularly fond of clear glass. I really love the series Ultima Thule! My parents own quite a lot of such glasses, and I think they've even said they have more than they need and I might get some. Oh yes please – I only need a place where I could store them...

Anyway, I think my kitchen seems a bit more cosy with the tablecloth, it brings some softness (and style) to my boring and not-so-pretty kitchen which dates back to the late 60s (I think). I also have an interesting curtain there – yes, only one curtain. I'm not sure if the curtain itself is pretty like that, but I really do love the newspaper print!

I guess I still have some ideas for my kitchen décor, will be posting photos if I carry out those plans! So long!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A new start on old habits

♫ Edguy – King Of Fools

I feel relatively lazy, but I figured I could write something on New Year and such... In order to prove my laziness, I snatched a stock image from stockfreeimages.com and added a funny quote to it, in order to illustrate the blog post...

I guess I'm still searching for my blogging motivation, but maybe I will find it one day. My life alone isn't interesting enough I guess, and I put most of the music stuff into our music blog anyway.

As for 2012, I could simply say I'm looking forward to a better year 2013. The latter half of 2012 was pretty much spoiled by my unemployment, even though there were many happy moments too, but... Well, I was never used to not doing anything. I've never spent this many months "doing nothing", especially if you consider how busy I was since I was seventeen~for at least until I was twenty-two or something. Always studying or working. Then mostly just working.

Though I have learnt many things during my employment too; I've become not only quite good at baking rolls but also at writing job applications. Yet not good enough to get a position, but I know the competition is very hard in the field of, well, graphic design or advertising.

I also lost my grandmother, and some other relatives as well. I hope the year 2013 goes without such as the year 2011 didn't go either.

Yet 2012 wasn't thoroughly bad. I realized my dream and went to Berlin, and loved it. And I finally found the time to start a new hobby at the beginning of the year: pole-dancing. Considering how I've always been anything but sporty, I have managed to surprise myself so many times with my progress and that hobby has been very rewarding. I've found such strength in my body that I had thought such things would be impossible for me.

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, I don't want to make any. I don't think I'm in such need of a change in my habits. Sure, I could exercise more often and such, but I'm not totally hopeless at trying to live in a healthy way. I have no such habits which I should get totally rid of (or no, perhaps this is a wrong thing to say, maybe we all do if we think enough?), like smoking. Well, I can and I want to try to be a better person, but I should try that all the time.

Instead of resolutions, I would rather set some loose goals for myself – loose because I cannot be sure how fast I could really achieve them, no matter how much I tried. But I want to find a job in 2013, and hopefully also do splits. Both will probably be challenging, especially the latter since I'm anything but limber!

I wish you all a better New Year 2013! So long!
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