Saturday, 28 May 2011

The future's in the air

♫ Alestorm – Pirate Song
"The wind of change blows straight
Into the face of time
Like a stormwind that will ring
The freedom bell for peace of mind"
Wind of Change by Scorpions. A fine song, and those lyrics might suit this moment. However, I'll quote the song I'm listening to at the moment:
"And if I could go back and make my amends, I'd make all those mistakes again."
This said, I apologize for  the lack of updates, I've been "busy". Don't know exactly with what, though I've been looking for a new apartment – and now I think I've found one, although I don't yet have a contract. Yet it was promised to me already, and it's nice, and in the city center.

And today I graduated! Woah, had a hectic spring (and pretty much a whole year) but I guess it was worth it, considering that I managed to graduate in time. (Though... not that it'd matter much. It's not the pace but the quality or something.)
In other words, I'm a Bachelor of Culture and Arts now, i.e. a media artist specializing in visual design. And life goes on, on Monday I will go to work like I did yesterday, the day before yesterday...

I won't be celebrating much today. I've been thinking of organizing a party for my friends once I've moved – a combined graduation and housewarming party. I promised my parents they could visit me tomorrow. (And I feel a bit bad for not inviting them to today's ceremony as they would have liked to be there. However, I wasn't sure I'd go myself either – but then I figured I have to, because otherwise I would have had to go get my diploma there on a weekday, and I couldn't have done that because of work. If the party had been held at my school campus, I would gladly have invited my parents there. Now the ceremony was rather umm... a waste of time, at the school's main campus (a building I don't know) with lots and lots of people I didn't know and only a handful of such that I did know. No important teachers and only two "class" mates...)

I hope I will soon have more time to write, although moving will be time-consuming for sure. It's not that I'd be running out of ideas, not at all! I'll most likely go see Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides soon and write about it then. And I've been about to write a post of Sleepy Hollow too. I have some clothes I want to babble about, and maybe with all the moving I'll get to home decor too. Though I can barely take any photos of my current apartment anymore, there's already a big cardboard box on the floor, filled with my books... Bloody hell, at least I won't be carrying that box anywhere! So long!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stand up and look into the light

♫ Army of Lovers – Carry my urn to Ukraine

I sort of apologize for not updating for a while, it seems I've been busy. I found a post draft here and forgot what I had been about to write...

Turisas was awesome live! I also got to hear the awesome song Hunting Pirates which I mentioned in the previous post. The following photo probably describes how great fun I had.

Oh well, actually the photo isn't particularly good, I hadn't thought I'd have to use the lens I had for such. Too bad...

I'm afraid I've got nothing particularly interesting to write about. Yesterday my thesis work got accepted, which might mean that my graduation is getting closer. Otherwise I've been working, looking for an apartment, doing this and that... Been busy. Went to a hairdresser's yesterday and and... What else.

When it comes to another topic, cheap accessories can be truly annoying. The necklace or pendant which I showed in the previous post is already losing paint off its chain! Having taken it off yesterday, I noticed a brown line around my neck, and then I realized the grey metallic texture in the chain had also begun to turn brown! Bloody hell. I know such things happen to cheap metallic (and "metallic") jewellery, but it's so bloody annoying when it happens so soon! Does anyone have any tricks to slow down the process, or to prevent it altogether, or maybe some ideas what to use to repaint the piece? The last solution may only work well for matte items, but that's what the necklace in question is. I'd like to try something...
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