Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kraken, FTW!

♫ Pirates of the Caribbean Original Soundtrack – Skull and crossbones

Yay! I finally got the parcel I had been awaiting enthusiastically! Reason enough to write a new blog post so soon after the previous one.

So yeah, I had gone online-shopping at Steampunk Couture Etsy shop and bought a lovely lovely octopus which I had been drooling over for... long. Though I don't really know why, because I think I've only seen dead octopi in my life and they haven't been particularly cute... But for some reason illustrations of them can be relatively fascinating. Either way, I just had to get a sea animal into my hair.

 I think the parcel itself was nicely decorated with steampunkish labels. The address label too, which I censored for obvious reasons...

And I was very, very confused when I opened the parcel and it turned out to be filled with paper shreads.

Somewhere underneath all those paper shreads there was the thing itself wrapped in bubble wrap!

I also found a little "business" card and a heart-shaped lollipop!

And then the little kraken! It's cute, though maybe not as "light-weight" as advertised.

The kraken in my hair! Though it might be better to wear it on the other side of the head with its head pointing to the back of mine. Otherwise its head might look like a bump in mine... if its tentacles cannot be seen. :D (By the way, it's difficult to take photos of yourself with an SLR camera. Too heavy, especially with a separate flash. Though I did so, but was almost always pointing the wrong way or something... Thus the last photo was taken with a compact camera.)

And finally... A very similar picture to the last one (haha, actually one of those SLR shots!), edited in a sort of... in the spirit of steampunk?

If I wear that at work, I cannot possibly listen to music with headphones. How very sad... So long!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Swimming in the frozen sky

♫ Abney Park – The Wrong Side

I wish I could avoid complaining about this cold weather. And I'll try to, because it simply is no use complaining. There's nothing anyone can do about this coldness and on the other hand I like winters. Each season has its time...

I looked up some photos from last winter. *cough* Last winter, because I've been so awfully lazy to go out taking photos lately. I'm trying to remind myself of how pretty and epic winter can be...

For some reason this winter has been much more extreme than the previous three. This winter was the first when my mailbox iced up and when ice blocked my front door (one day it opened only 22 cm, no matter how hard I pushed or kicked) and when it was only + 9c on the floor of the hall of my apartment. So yeah... I am kind of looking forward to spring.

Though I rather complain about slippery roads than coldness. Someone could do something about them after all. The city center is not that bad, but my neighbourhood is. On my way to the bus stop I have to ascend a hill and it's so bloody fun when the sidewalk is slippery as hell. So far I haven't tripped, but there have been close calls. And I wonder, I truly wonder; how on earth can some people wear high heels in winter? Kudos for those who can do that, I don't think I could.

Still waiting for that one parcel. >,< Damnit, what's taking so long? I'm getting impatient and I think I lost a point here. I had some much more interesting topics to write about, but this is a lazy post-workday entry. So long!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

But, oh, what beautiful things I'll wear

♫ Ashbury Heights – Morningstar in a Black Car

Strange issues, there are several things I could write about, but well, this time I chose to go for materialism and thus, things I've purchased recently. I've found myself having lots of strange urges to buy this and that, which is somewhat unusual of me. I would make a bad fashion blogger because I simply don't buy new clothes or accessories that often – which may be a good thing, I don't know. (I have to point out that I certainly am not criticizing how some people, such as fashion bloggers, spend money. At least many of those that I follow seem to be sensible consumers, recycling what they don't need anymore and also purchasing used items. It's just normal to eventually get fed up with certain things.)

A few weeks ago I popped to Seppälä and ended up buying some accessories. I couldn't resist that lacy ribbon with a cameo which can be used both as a hair pin and a brooch. I rarely find this cute items in all those regular clothes stores...

And then, I haven't bought earrings for such a long time. Part of the reason might be the fact that I rarely bother to change earrings to begin with. But this pair also being so cute that I couldn't resist, I figured I should start wearing different earrings more often. I haven't yet worn those because I wear such earmuffs in wintertime that wouldn't go with such big earrings, but once it's warm enough to go without covering ears, I certainly will start wearing those! Along with a few quite "special" pieces of ear jewellery that I have...

Even though my black-and-white-stripe period for clothes has pretty much ended, if not totally, then for the most part at least, I found these very fascinating. And well, lately I've been more into vertical stripes, but nevertheless, I fell in love with these!

Yesterday I dragged myself out of my bed early enough to go to Kaunotar ja Kulkuri, which is a nice second hand store in Tampere. I really like shopping there, it's much more pleasant than going to a flea market (I'm bad at rummaging through tables with messy piles of clothes) and the prices are usually reasonable. I've also once taken my own clothes there, but none of them was sold, although I told them to put them up very cheap. :/ Anyway, this nice shirt cost 4 €.

It's made of very thin, mesh-like fabric which is slightly stripey and see-through on the back and gathered on the front. And on the front it's not that see-through either. At first I thought it'd be too low-cut for me, but no, it's not, it seems to fit well. I just don't think I can wear it any time soon, the weather forecasts imply that next week will be somewhat unbearable.

I'm also waiting for one parcel to arrive from the US. I don't know whether it will fit in my mailbox or whether I will have to go get it from a post office, but I'm slightly afraid that these temperates might shatter it in my mailbox. :/ Once I had bought some (used) CDs which had to remain in my mailbox in very low temperatures for a few days, and the cases turned out a bit cracked when I opened the parcel. I'm rather sure they only got cracked on the way and were not like that to begin with... Though those are just little visual flaws as the CDs work, but I wouldn't like to receive my new accessory in pieces... Anyways. So long!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Reading can be risky for women on the verge

♫ Turisas – To Holmgard and beyond

A while ago a friend and I ordered some books from Amazon, and a while I go I fetched them from the post office. And this is what I got:

Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I'd been thinking of buying it for such a long time, but I'd never bothered to order it all alone. I'd been waiting for a time when I'd have something else to purchase too. I guess it's a must for me to own, because:
We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.
- Cheshire Cat
Through the Looking Glass is relatively strange to me still, I've never had chances to familiarize myself with it. Reading it at the moment.

I don't know why exactly I got the urge to buy Tim Burton's poems. Might be all the movies I've watched? Anyway, the book is awesome. I'm very picky when it comes to poetry. I want poems to really have some ingenious language, not necessarily rhymes, but something. I easily regard modern poetry as wannabe arty, and thus, rarely like it. However, Burton's poetic language was brilliant, and the stories were hilarious. I guess I could relate to Voodoo Girl:
But she knows she has a curse on her,
a curse she cannot win,
For if someone gets
too close to her,
the pins stick farther in.

Last but not least, I also bought something that's supposed to be useful.

AdamsMorioka & Terry Stone's Color Design Workbook, which is supposed to be of some help in my thesis work. I hope it'll also be... Although the whole thesis work frustrates the hell out of me. I realized I rather read fairytales than anything that'd help me to graduate.
I guess this is it for now, so long!
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