Sunday, 13 February 2011

But, oh, what beautiful things I'll wear

♫ Ashbury Heights – Morningstar in a Black Car

Strange issues, there are several things I could write about, but well, this time I chose to go for materialism and thus, things I've purchased recently. I've found myself having lots of strange urges to buy this and that, which is somewhat unusual of me. I would make a bad fashion blogger because I simply don't buy new clothes or accessories that often – which may be a good thing, I don't know. (I have to point out that I certainly am not criticizing how some people, such as fashion bloggers, spend money. At least many of those that I follow seem to be sensible consumers, recycling what they don't need anymore and also purchasing used items. It's just normal to eventually get fed up with certain things.)

A few weeks ago I popped to Seppälä and ended up buying some accessories. I couldn't resist that lacy ribbon with a cameo which can be used both as a hair pin and a brooch. I rarely find this cute items in all those regular clothes stores...

And then, I haven't bought earrings for such a long time. Part of the reason might be the fact that I rarely bother to change earrings to begin with. But this pair also being so cute that I couldn't resist, I figured I should start wearing different earrings more often. I haven't yet worn those because I wear such earmuffs in wintertime that wouldn't go with such big earrings, but once it's warm enough to go without covering ears, I certainly will start wearing those! Along with a few quite "special" pieces of ear jewellery that I have...

Even though my black-and-white-stripe period for clothes has pretty much ended, if not totally, then for the most part at least, I found these very fascinating. And well, lately I've been more into vertical stripes, but nevertheless, I fell in love with these!

Yesterday I dragged myself out of my bed early enough to go to Kaunotar ja Kulkuri, which is a nice second hand store in Tampere. I really like shopping there, it's much more pleasant than going to a flea market (I'm bad at rummaging through tables with messy piles of clothes) and the prices are usually reasonable. I've also once taken my own clothes there, but none of them was sold, although I told them to put them up very cheap. :/ Anyway, this nice shirt cost 4 €.

It's made of very thin, mesh-like fabric which is slightly stripey and see-through on the back and gathered on the front. And on the front it's not that see-through either. At first I thought it'd be too low-cut for me, but no, it's not, it seems to fit well. I just don't think I can wear it any time soon, the weather forecasts imply that next week will be somewhat unbearable.

I'm also waiting for one parcel to arrive from the US. I don't know whether it will fit in my mailbox or whether I will have to go get it from a post office, but I'm slightly afraid that these temperates might shatter it in my mailbox. :/ Once I had bought some (used) CDs which had to remain in my mailbox in very low temperatures for a few days, and the cases turned out a bit cracked when I opened the parcel. I'm rather sure they only got cracked on the way and were not like that to begin with... Though those are just little visual flaws as the CDs work, but I wouldn't like to receive my new accessory in pieces... Anyways. So long!

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