Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kraken, FTW!

♫ Pirates of the Caribbean Original Soundtrack – Skull and crossbones

Yay! I finally got the parcel I had been awaiting enthusiastically! Reason enough to write a new blog post so soon after the previous one.

So yeah, I had gone online-shopping at Steampunk Couture Etsy shop and bought a lovely lovely octopus which I had been drooling over for... long. Though I don't really know why, because I think I've only seen dead octopi in my life and they haven't been particularly cute... But for some reason illustrations of them can be relatively fascinating. Either way, I just had to get a sea animal into my hair.

 I think the parcel itself was nicely decorated with steampunkish labels. The address label too, which I censored for obvious reasons...

And I was very, very confused when I opened the parcel and it turned out to be filled with paper shreads.

Somewhere underneath all those paper shreads there was the thing itself wrapped in bubble wrap!

I also found a little "business" card and a heart-shaped lollipop!

And then the little kraken! It's cute, though maybe not as "light-weight" as advertised.

The kraken in my hair! Though it might be better to wear it on the other side of the head with its head pointing to the back of mine. Otherwise its head might look like a bump in mine... if its tentacles cannot be seen. :D (By the way, it's difficult to take photos of yourself with an SLR camera. Too heavy, especially with a separate flash. Though I did so, but was almost always pointing the wrong way or something... Thus the last photo was taken with a compact camera.)

And finally... A very similar picture to the last one (haha, actually one of those SLR shots!), edited in a sort of... in the spirit of steampunk?

If I wear that at work, I cannot possibly listen to music with headphones. How very sad... So long!


  1. Get yourself some earphones to fix the problem. ;)

    I love the last picture btw it really captures the spirit.


  2. Zelde, gotta get some earphones indeed. Or settle for listening to the same music my workmates do... And thank you for the compliment! Oh, and welcome on board. :}

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