Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Swimming in the frozen sky

♫ Abney Park – The Wrong Side

I wish I could avoid complaining about this cold weather. And I'll try to, because it simply is no use complaining. There's nothing anyone can do about this coldness and on the other hand I like winters. Each season has its time...

I looked up some photos from last winter. *cough* Last winter, because I've been so awfully lazy to go out taking photos lately. I'm trying to remind myself of how pretty and epic winter can be...

For some reason this winter has been much more extreme than the previous three. This winter was the first when my mailbox iced up and when ice blocked my front door (one day it opened only 22 cm, no matter how hard I pushed or kicked) and when it was only + 9c on the floor of the hall of my apartment. So yeah... I am kind of looking forward to spring.

Though I rather complain about slippery roads than coldness. Someone could do something about them after all. The city center is not that bad, but my neighbourhood is. On my way to the bus stop I have to ascend a hill and it's so bloody fun when the sidewalk is slippery as hell. So far I haven't tripped, but there have been close calls. And I wonder, I truly wonder; how on earth can some people wear high heels in winter? Kudos for those who can do that, I don't think I could.

Still waiting for that one parcel. >,< Damnit, what's taking so long? I'm getting impatient and I think I lost a point here. I had some much more interesting topics to write about, but this is a lazy post-workday entry. So long!

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