Monday, 13 October 2014

Questing the oceans and questing the seas, searching for ultimate booze

♫ Alestorm – Rum

Now that I realize how long it has been since my last post, I can only say: this is getting ridiculous. :> I've been busy, I guess, but I suppose I'll just settle for posting this rarely, yet I doubt anyone cares. (I doubt anyone reads anyway!)

However, I have several reasons to post today:
1. It's my birthday, and I think I've usually made a birthday post. :>
2. I've recently acquired something about which I posted much earlier.
3. Alcohol related posts in private blogs is a real hot topic in Finland at the moment due to the regional state administrative agency forbidding private bloggers to use a certain logo in their posts. This was the original logo for a beer and whiskey expo, and the logo (naturally) comprised the word "whiskey". The agency threatened to deny the expo their licence to sell alcohol unless these completely private bloggers, completely unrelated to the event, remove the logos from their blogs. And well, the Finnish alcohol legislation will get remarkably stricter at the beginning of 2015, and we shouldn't tell how much we like booze in the social media, so I think it's about the time to say: I bloody love rum.

It's been almost two years since I wrote about how I would like to get my hands on a bottle of Kraken rum. I figured I would have to resort to ordering from abroad since I couldn't find any when traveling. Just recently I participated in a group order from the Netherlands, and it was quite successful. Not only did I get some Kraken, but it was also cheap! And just look at that bottle! Isn't it stylish? And the label? The Kraken drawing? Oh, and it tastes good too!

Birthday was good enough a reason to have a taste of Kraken, also to offer some to my mother for the trouble and pain she had to go through several years ago to the day. (Although I wasn't her first child, I made sure her delivery was a hellish experience!)

And here's a pic of me when I actually got the bottle – which was a few weeks ago. It seems that my smile is the most genuine whenever I'm holding a bottle of rum. :) So long!

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