Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Full sails ahead, oceans painted red

♫ Turisas – Hunting Pirates

Yarr again. I think pirates really do make my life somewhat epic.

A few weeks ago I went grocery-shopping on one Sunday... The nearest grocery store is small with a relatively narrow selection. I was packing my groceries and hadn't paid much attention to a small platform next to the (only) checkout with a few board games on it. Then the shop assistant told me that if I'm into gaming, I could take a board game for free... I was quite confused, but turned my sight to the platform where two guys were choosing games. Once they had left, I took a closer look and noticed there was one clearly pirate themed game left. I didn't even have to think twice which game to choose, I immediately jumped at the chance to get a piratey board game! :D
And really, I don't know why they were giving out board games since no such things belong to their selection anyway. Wouldn't have wondered that much in a big mall. Anyway, the game seems quite interesting!

The situation was simply absurd. :D I haven't yet had the chance to play that game with anyone, but I've read the rules and it seems it could be a nice gameplay experience. Piratey at least. There's one ship called Evita, which is the name of our first, late Dachshund.

Epic indeed.

Today I also sent my thesis project out to be printed, so basically... I'm completing things. And I could cite a piratey song and say: "And if I could go back and make my amends, I'd make all those mistakes again." I shall probably talk more about that song later...

And now, it's about good time to relax for a few days on Easter. On Friday I shall go see TURISAS live with a few friends! I'm looking forward to it! I'm not their huge fan, but I've sort of rediscovered them this year. I've seen them live once in 2004...

I hope we'll get to hear this awesome song live as well. :D

Grr, Youtube and Firefox are not playing together today. -_-; Soon I'll start using Chrome more... (I haven't yet figured out how to link Youtube videos as music players. Working on it.)

Some time ago, along with the skeleton hands, I bought this necklace. I was slightly disappointed since the ahm.. piece of "black glass" is very much see-through, only slightly smokey. I guess it's still credible enough.

Oh, and on Monday morning I went to get some ear piercings. I already had 1+1 like the usual way, but I suddenly wanted a few more. Now I have 1+3. I had forgotten what it was like, and thus, it hurt much, much less than I expected. Barely hurt at all... Photos may follow later on. Now, I should well... Oh well, I may play for a while, then go to bed so that I can get up early enough to pack the rest of my stuff for Easter... Until then, so long, and yarr!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Running through my memory...

♫ Rainbow – Street of Dreams

Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted...
I turned in the written part of my thesis yesterday, but I haven't got any response whether it was alright (on the surface only, of course). Oh, but the hell's not over, I still have to finish my designs and wish for my supervisor to $¤%#*@ reply to my messages.
Today I was at work at first, then I went to set up our exhibition, and thus, kept going for over twelve hours straight. Now I'm tired, but well, work tomorrow again. I was supposed to go vote today, but it took me too long with the exhibition...

Let's peek at what I've been working on?

Believe it or not, I actually went through the trouble to edit my blog code to remove the border from that image. Or it doesn't matter whether or not you believe it – I barely do. It took me a while, I guess I'm too tired to think – it's not that I didn't know how to, it's a part of my job after all...

I've been listening to Street of Dreams ever since I got home, so maybe for an hour now. Both Rainbow and Blackmore's Night versions... And then I keep dreaming. Right now I'm dreaming of a vacation, a real vacation. I want to get abroad... Maybe to Berlin. I will truly consider going if I ever have some free time...

It's been an exhausting spring, and it's not over yet... But if you're going through hell, keep going.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

I maimed the Funnybones

♫ Ultravox – Man Of Two Worlds

So I joined the skeleton gang and purchased a pair of Kreepsville skeleton hand hair pins. Ha! I don't care much if they're somewhat popular among certain scenes at the moment – however, they're bizarre and piratey enough to my taste.

Since those were not the only thing I purchased at the same time, I shall probably continue about this later...Right now I'm either too busy or too lazy to take many photos, especially any good ones. And the following picture, which shows off the pins though, also demonstrates why I shouldn't be photographing random items...

So yeah, I look like an exhausted graphic designer and funnily enough, that's basically what I am at the moment. I suggest you don't ask what I'm drawing there, although I can say it's related to my thesis work. :D (It may not seem credible, and I'm afraid it won't seem credible to the examiner either.)

Although I didn't create this blog for personal ranting, I feel like stating that... uh, I'm so very exhausted. And have been for a while too. My thesis work is making me wither. It's been busy at work too – I'd say it's just good, but this is the worst time for me now. On Wednesday I was at work for eleven hours! (And I have to point out it was a client who'd screwed up things...) It may be almost normal for some people – I guess my father's weekend shifts are always at least that long. But probably not equally hectic all along. The thesis work stress is making me particularly vulnerable to any other kind of stress, which I could endure rather well otherwise.

Enough with that. Who is familiar with the Funnybones I mentioned in the headline? It's an awesome cartoon! I used to love it when I was a kid! The opening theme is epic! :D That'd be something all goth parents should make their children watch.

Although I'm busy and almost screwed, I'm going to an 80's party tomorrow. It is, after all, my favourite event in the city, and I guess I need and probably deserve a few hours off this stress. It'd be easier to enjoy it if the worst stress was already over, but well... It cannot be helped now. Though, if everything goes well, I may have something nice to look forward to after most of the deadlines... And finally, one good and danceable song from the 80's – something that I'd wish to hear at the party! Divine – You think you're a man!
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