Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Full sails ahead, oceans painted red

♫ Turisas – Hunting Pirates

Yarr again. I think pirates really do make my life somewhat epic.

A few weeks ago I went grocery-shopping on one Sunday... The nearest grocery store is small with a relatively narrow selection. I was packing my groceries and hadn't paid much attention to a small platform next to the (only) checkout with a few board games on it. Then the shop assistant told me that if I'm into gaming, I could take a board game for free... I was quite confused, but turned my sight to the platform where two guys were choosing games. Once they had left, I took a closer look and noticed there was one clearly pirate themed game left. I didn't even have to think twice which game to choose, I immediately jumped at the chance to get a piratey board game! :D
And really, I don't know why they were giving out board games since no such things belong to their selection anyway. Wouldn't have wondered that much in a big mall. Anyway, the game seems quite interesting!

The situation was simply absurd. :D I haven't yet had the chance to play that game with anyone, but I've read the rules and it seems it could be a nice gameplay experience. Piratey at least. There's one ship called Evita, which is the name of our first, late Dachshund.

Epic indeed.

Today I also sent my thesis project out to be printed, so basically... I'm completing things. And I could cite a piratey song and say: "And if I could go back and make my amends, I'd make all those mistakes again." I shall probably talk more about that song later...

And now, it's about good time to relax for a few days on Easter. On Friday I shall go see TURISAS live with a few friends! I'm looking forward to it! I'm not their huge fan, but I've sort of rediscovered them this year. I've seen them live once in 2004...

I hope we'll get to hear this awesome song live as well. :D

Grr, Youtube and Firefox are not playing together today. -_-; Soon I'll start using Chrome more... (I haven't yet figured out how to link Youtube videos as music players. Working on it.)

Some time ago, along with the skeleton hands, I bought this necklace. I was slightly disappointed since the ahm.. piece of "black glass" is very much see-through, only slightly smokey. I guess it's still credible enough.

Oh, and on Monday morning I went to get some ear piercings. I already had 1+1 like the usual way, but I suddenly wanted a few more. Now I have 1+3. I had forgotten what it was like, and thus, it hurt much, much less than I expected. Barely hurt at all... Photos may follow later on. Now, I should well... Oh well, I may play for a while, then go to bed so that I can get up early enough to pack the rest of my stuff for Easter... Until then, so long, and yarr!

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