Thursday, 6 October 2011

A bit o' this and that

♫ Twilightning – Enslaved to the Mind

Firstly, I want to wish the new readers warmly welcome aboard!

As the days get colder and I can no longer ignore the fact it's autumn now, I also begin to notice all the little things I need to purchase, rather as soon as possible. However, I've had these "asap" needs for quite a while now. I've been looking for a new autumn/spring jacket for a few years. I've noticed how I seriously need to buy a bit of this and that, from the very top to the very bottom (on both y and z axes)...

Well, I've managed to find something I need. I truly hate lingerie shopping (+ tights and stockings) for a simple reason; most brands don't even have my size. That doesn't apply to stockings however – they're annoying simply because I would need new ones so often.

I won't be showing off the lingerie pieces I managed to find, because well... No. However, my attention was caught by a discount accessory with a price tag of 1 €. I took it, and later when I checked the receipt it had obviously cost only 0,50 €.

Imagine seeing a tone of green? Maybe it's not just your imagination. It's an interesting hue altogether.

A bit later I found an interesting bag – I had been looking for something like this to complete my corporate looks. I'm not yet sure if I should say it's compact or cramped – it's a bit tricky to cram my keys, cell phone, wallet, bus card, headphones, bottle of water and some lunch box into it. Yet I've managed.

Unfortunately enough, I also popped to a newly-opened shoe store nearby and ended up buying a pair of shoes. *gasp* On the other hand I needed something like these too, as a slightly similar pair I have had begun to fall into pieces. I'm trying to complete my corp goth looks with these as well, yet – no matter how lame it is – I'm often in such a terrible hurry in the morning by the time I notice I should be on my way to the bus stop already that I don't have the time to tie any shoe laces!

*sigh* I'm also looking forward to receiving a parcel from H&M with a few basic everyday need items + a dress I bought just for fun (still for the corporate looks). Lately, I've been more into dresses than skirts. Anyway, I have no idea when I'll actually get those – their estimated arrival times keep changing so often. I wished I'd get the dress by my birthday (the 13th) but that seems unlikely now. I will put off celebrating until the 22th, but it seems I won't get it by that day either.

Enough with all the shopping. I had great fun at the 80's party on Saturday. Wonderful music and awesome company. If one of the best party songs was on Youtube, I'd link it here, but unfortunately it isn't there. Instead, I'll link something else, which I had listened to before the party but never really fallen for it, but goddamnit, it sounded much better on the dance floor.

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy

I also found yet another slightly 80's themed party in the city – something I could be looking forward to, although I'm not sure if I'm going. Ah, but just the possibility of partying like it was the 80's keeps me happy. So long!

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