Thursday, 13 October 2011

Now, how old are you, where is your harbour?

♫ Týr – Gandvkæþi Tróndar
"Have many things to do, open the door.
Yes, I live so true, without my lover
But tell me if the sky is blue, how old are you?"
...a year older as of today. Getting to the numbers where it no longer feels great to age, yet I don't feel desperate yet.

Last weekend I visited my parents. They gave me a birthday present in advance; a bottle of sparkling wine, some glasses and a bottle opener... They're contributing to my alcoholism, hmm?

I have a bottle of white wine and sparkling wine, yet "no one" to share them with, I think... My friends seem to be so picky! (Not that I wouldn't be, miss No-red-wine-or-beer-thank-you.)

My cupboard isn't that exciting with all those pints and such, yet I actually like the cupboard itself a lot. Behold the pretty handle!

The song which I quoted in the headline and afterwards is Miko Mission's hit from the 80's. I was going to link it from Youtube, but then I couldn't find my favourite version, thus... Go find one to listen to by yourself.

Besides my birthday, it's also a national failure day today. No wonder... Oh well, my day was nice enough, yet the weather wasn't that nice; it was blowing hard and uhhuh...
"And the wind, and the wind I know it's cold..."
A bit of an Emilie Autumnism. I don't like wind. Not at all.

This song, Tsumetai Kaze by Penicillin, is one of my favourite of their songs, and it means "cold wind". The video is perhaps a bit strange, but also very nice in a way. Enjoy!

I was going to write a more deep post today, but I've been working on this entry for a while now and I feel like playing or relaxing or something. Thank god it's Friday tomorrow! So long!

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