Thursday, 20 October 2011

Come sing along with the pirate song – a pirate party playlist!

I think I never talked much about my playlist for the pirate themed party I held in July. Now that Halloween is approaching, I figured I would make a post about my picks for a piratey playlist – especially since I know I am not the only one who's into pirate parties! Maybe they are even trendy these days? When I was in a costume shop before my own party, a 30+-year-old man came in looking for some pirate attire.

Anyway! I will recommend some ten~ piratey songs which should really appear on a piratey playlist for a piratey party. I must point out that I'm into heavy music in general, and I haven't delved much into piratey songs of totally different genres. However, the songs presented here have 100% pirate credibility.

1. Running Wild – Pirate Song

Running Wild is basically the first "pirate metal" band, and it sounds like what it is; 80's heavy/power/speed metal with piratey lyrics.

2. Alestorm – Shipwrecked

Alestorm is my favourite piratey band, yet this is not my favourite song. However, I chose to present it because of the music video, and the song is good too. Alestorm dominated my party playlist because all of their songs are about pirates, and so many of them are perfect for such a party! I truly suggest checking out some others in Youtube or elsewhere. My favourite song is Captain Morgan's Revenge (must embed it as well!), and other must-have tracks for a party playlist would be Wenches & Mead, Pirate Song, Keelhauled, Nancy the Tavern Wench, The Sunk'n Norwegian, Rum and Back Through Time.

Alestorm – Captain Morgan's Revenge

"At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jig
So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig"

3. Turisas – Hunting Pirates

I know I have already shared this song in my blog, but here it goes again. Okay well – maybe it has an anti-piratey twist since "...when the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates", but isn't it just natural for pirates to have enemies? Otherwise Turisas' lyrics are battle/viking inspired – worth checking out too. Go listen to Sahti Waari.

4. Tierra Santa – La Cancion Del Pirata I (&II)

Some Spanish for now! I don't understand it at all, yet still enough to know what these songs are all about! The parts of the song are combined on the video, but at least in Spotify they're available separately. The first part is my favourite.

5. Hans Zimmer – Drink Up Me Hearties

Naturally, from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack. Even in a piratey party, you will need a moment for an instrumental song so that your guests can down their rum and everyone gets to catch their breath after all that singing. Besides, the song still comprises some very lively parts too. The PotC soundtracks have other nice party tracks too – such as Two Hornpipes from Dead Man's Chest OST.

6. Orden Ogan – We Are Pirates

Presenting this one with a video too, since the video is awesome, and this just might be the best piratey song I know. It's just so epic, you must watch the video (fullscreen!).

"A black sky above, our kingdom beneath
Die in the waves or live on your knees"

7. Pirates of the Sea – Wolves of the Sea

I have already embedded this one in my blog once, but it should be listed here too. Latvia's Eurovision Song Contest entry in 2008. Alestorm has a cover version of this song.

8. Blaggards – Drunken Sailor

The song is a traditional shanty, Blaggards made it rock. Check out Irish Rovers' version too.

9. Lazy Town – You are a pirate!

...yes, I've embedded this in the past too. Watch the video and practise the girl's dance in order to be hardcore. A tip: Alestorm made a cover version!

10. Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)

It was annoyingly difficult to find a proper version to embed here, and I was also looking for another pirate shanty, Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum (Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest). It seems no one has made any cool versions of them! The latter has been released on a Pirate Party Music CD with the name The Pirate Song, though. You will find it in Spotify.

If you're into techno, try..:

Toy-Box – The Sailor Song

For Finns (and naturally, non-Finns as well):

Hevisaurus – Kapteeni Koukku

If your inner pirate would prefer flying:

Abney Park – Airship Pirate

And a few more...
I will not embed the rest of the songs since they are not exactly piratey. However, some of them will certainly suit such a theme party, and at least we listened to some of those in mine.

Korpiklaani – Vodka
Korpiklaani – Tequila
Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern
Dingo – Kiinanmeri
Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

I hope this post was of some pleasure to you captains out there! Come raise the flag of the fallen and have some joyous pirate parties!


  1. Ei huono soittolista ollenkaan, bändit toimivat mitä parhaiten! Alestorm on huvittava, mutta erittäin jees.

    Blogisi vaikuttaa kiintoisalta, ainakin noin tyylisi, musiikkimaun ja merirosvojen puolesta :)

  2. Kiitos, Lumira! Alestorm on tietyllä tavalla huvittava, kuitenkin tosi sympaattinen ja erityisen yarr. :} Ja tervetuloa seuraamaan, varmaan jatkossakin riittää merirosvoaiheista juttua.

  3. Do you usually create just for your site or you do that for some other online or offline resources?

    1. Create, well, if we're talking about design, I do graphic stuff basically for any purpose. I only have a few site projects of my own, and a lot of stuff I've done for other parties, both online and offline.

  4. Hey!
    I'm having a pirate party at some point in May, This has served as an excellent place to start my playlist, thanks!

    1. That's awesome, that's why I wrote this post to begin with. :) Please do share your party playlist with me later! And have great fun, yarr!


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