Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We are buildin' a house of fire

♫ Orden Ogan – We are pirates

Woah, I had a housewarming party (+ a graduation party) on Saturday, and... Well, I will never forget it. My guests said they will neither.

I won't go into details, although some of them would probably be interesting. Well, my apartment is in one piece, and my neighbours haven't yet complained – on the other hand I warned them in advance. I doubt the disturbance was too remarkable. Yet I've never received a phone call from a police officer before. Well, things happen, I suppose. At least I wasn't being scolded.

Like I said, the party had a theme, which was, obviously, PIRATES!

I had been working on a piratey playlist for months. It comprised a lot of songs from Alestorm, some other epic metal songs, Pirates of the Caribbean songs (had to put in some instrumental tracks so that people wouldn't need to sing along all the time) and other funny things. Drunken sailor, etc. Songs about rum, vodka and tequila, so... Yeah. But we had no vodka or tequila, just... rum. And enough of that (=rum).

The curse of Captain Morgan has lead us to this fate, so have no fear and don't look back – the afterlife awaits!

And the image gotta be misty like... rum. I shouldn't have had that, really. The punch (rum and lime liqueur based) was strong too. Sunday gave a whole new meaning to Captain Morgan's Revenge, which is a good song by Alestorm. I didn't throw up or anything, I had no headache, I just couldn't eat.

I had also made a very ugly cake. It was disastrous in many ways, but I heard it tasted... good? But it was so ugly I was quite ashamed to serve it.

We also played Karibia and had great fun. So yeah, thank you all who share all those insane memories!

I also drew a pirate map to serve as a guest book. I told my guests they could write their name/greetings anywhere, but most of them opted for the back side. I dyed the paper with coffee.

My friend N gave me some tasty sushi rolls! Thank you, they were omnomnom!

My friend J gave me a saucepan mat made of cast iron. It's pretty, don't you think? Well, I got some other nice things too, thanks everyone! All in all, the party was, well... unforgettable. Since most, if not all of the guests said they had fun, I guess it wasn't too bad... :D Well, so long!

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