Thursday, 21 July 2011

She's in parties — Lumous 2011

♫ Ultravox – Man of two worlds

I'm officially a very lazy blogger, occasionally too busy too. It's been almost two weeks since Lumous Gothic Festival 2011.

Ah well, my first summer vacation since my freshman year in high school began a week ago! I've been enjoying it, and then I've been busy organizing another kind of party. On Saturday, I will be celebrating with my friends – a combined housewarming and graduation party. And with a theme – more about that later, but if you've been reading my blog, you can easily guess what the theme is.

I didn't go to Lumous on Friday, which might be a pity actually... I heard Freakangel was good. On Saturday the artists were not too exciting. Larva was alright, as well as Anne-Marie Hurst. The others, well... Not so much. Funnily enough, the act I liked the most were those guys playing Depeche Mode covers on Sunday before The End club. Depressed Blokes, huh?


The Dark Market sales event was quite a disappointment. So few merchants there! I didn't buy anything. However, my friend J took a few photos there which show what I was wearing on Saturday.

Shirt: Second-hand
Corset: Morticia
Shorts, gloves: Seppälä
Socks: Boutique Lou Lou
Shoes: DinSko

This kind of showcase is rare of me as a blogger. I guess you should try everything once... Except for your own mother. I was too lazy to take photos of my clothes by myself, so yeah, thanks J – at least there's a bit of documentation. 

And no pics at all of The End club attire, but to cut a long story short, my attire was way more elegant with a simple black dress and high heels. Although this wasn't my first Lumous, it was my first time going to The End – mostly because earlier I had had to go to work on the following day, at 8.30, and in a different town. This time I also went to work on Monday, but at least in Tampere, and well... I guess I reached the office at 10 am. Anyway; I had a point: I had only heard of the goings-on of The End clubs. I was slightly surprised to see how insane it was. :D My wannabe-elegant attire made me feel strange among all those half-naked friends who took of their shirts while I remained fully dressed. I guess the least boring detail of my evening was the fact that I danced a lot, but not even once on the floor. I had fun, I stayed there until the very end although I had work in the morning, and the music – ah, what fun it was! Such absurd party songs.

Ugh, and now my shoulders are very sore. I've been cleaning and carrying shopping bags – gotta prepare for the Saturday's party. Tough work, but at least it's fun – I rarely host parties after all. So long!

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