Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hooray to the glory

♫ Real Life – Nowhere Girl

Not exactly sure about the glory part...

I've been quite silent as I've been both busy and well... occasionally unable to write too? Yeah well, I recently moved, and I still lack an internet connection of my own... Kind of. It's a complex story, and I think that anything that can possibly have gone wrong, has also gone wrong. And the secret is, although it's not illegal: I've been leeching on my neighbour's unsecured WLAN...

I would have so many things to write about! I cannot choose, and I don't want to put everything in one post either! While I still couldn't access the internet at all at home, I watched Dorian Gray, and I could write about that... I could show off my new apartment (will do, eventually) or what not. But I'll show a few nice things which I found at the summer sales.

Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (Finnish Bookstore) had some nice wooden boxes, or should I say – treasure chests. At least the bigger one is almost pirate-credible, isn't it? It may lack metallic frames, but it's pretty. Anyway, I bought those because I really needed some pretty storage boxes for my jewellery and other accessories.

In the same bookstore I found this book, which I had seen there earlier too, and well... I began to feel sorry for them as they hadn't yet got rid of the last piece. Then I just had to buy it, right..? It was a friendly favour, right? The book cost 12 € and it was actually quite interesting. The layout was quite nice with exciting details. The book introduced several famous pirate (captains), such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Sam Bellamy. (The last one made me smile indeed – the man was better known as Black Sam, and well, my mother has a black, long-haired dachshund whose real name is Bellamy.) The book is, however, way too violent considering it was in the children's department. :O I mean, details of the real, violent ends those pirates faced... But I recommend it to all pirate fans. :D

Cheap lacy gloves are cheap lacy gloves, and I don't think I'm supposed to resist them. They're not too decorative, which is nice too.

This summer dress only cost 5 €. It's surprising that I like such a print, but well... There's something that really fascinates me. I cannot quite figure out what it is, but it gives me some deep feeling. And it's brownish, which is rare for me too.

I also bought some socks online the other day, and they were all very nice. Maybe I should take photos of them too... Although it's more tricky to take photos of socks. Naturally I should put them on first. Anyway, I shall keep going. I should have four days of work left before my summer vacation! Yay! And it's a Lumous weekend! I'll go there on Saturday and maybe even Sunday, but since I will obviously go to work on Monday, I really cannot party too hard on Sunday evening. Too bad. So long!

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