Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mutineers... hang!

♫ Alestorm – Wenches & Mead

Ahoy me hearties! I'm sorry about the silence again – moving is quite hectic. In fact I haven't yet moved, but I guess I should be packing – however, it's a dreadful chore! The number of boxes and packages on my floor is increasing, but my apartment doesn't seem to be getting any well... well... more ready to be abandoned?
The cargo overboard!

Now I'm going to write about the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. I saw it a few weeks ago, and had a great time! Didn't see the 3D version, but that's alright – I don't quite enjoy the third dimension after all, it makes it hard for me too see anything clearly.

I'm trying to avoid spoilers, so please do keep reading even if you hadn't yet seen the movie!

I didn't have any expectations in advance. I had watched the trailer and probably followed some news, and had figured out that most of the cast would be new faces. I was probably just slightly disappointed on finding that out because I had actually liked Elisabeth and Will's story (unlike many others, it seems). Fortunately Jack is a very strong personality.

Well, the movie didn't leave me disappointed or longing for Elisabeth and William. There were some new interesting personalities. I didn't like Angelica that much, might be prejudice or something since the actress was Penélope Cruz. My favourite one of all the new faces was Philip, a young missionary. I guess characters with some strong feature – such as Philip's faith – are often particularly interesting.

Philip tied up on the right. He also looked quite good in the movie, although the actor, Sam Claflin, is just a, well... normal-looking young man? Nothing exciting outside the pirate context.

Just like the previous pirate movies, On Stranger Tides also both looked and sounded awesome. I haven't yet listened to the soundtrack that much (but a little!) but the songs were very enjoyable again. The PotC theme, which is used in so many places, is very, very attractive and instantly brings about a piratey feeling.

I don't think the movie was "just another unnecessary sequel" – it was a strong, independent movie and a story in its own right. Certainly worth watching, and would be worth watching again as well. And guess what's best – I'm most certain that they have some plans for the fifth movie! Looking forward to that, YARR!

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