Saturday, 6 August 2011

Baby's fighting

♫ The Cure – Burn

Ah well, my summer vacation ended and I returned to work. This week was quite... quite, well, horrible? Yeah, that is the word I'm looking for. It was not horrible because of work, but death came a bit too close to my dog on Monday. She was diagnosed with pyometra and was operated on in the middle of the night. Thus, I barely slept, and on Tuesday I was dead tired at work. Even a work mate said he noticed immediately that I wasn't my usual cheerful self. I could barely concentrate on work on Tuesday because my dog didn't begin to recover at the expected pace after the surgery. Then they diagnosed anaemia. Then my dog got a blood transfer... After that she began to recover. She's doing better now, recovering well, I suppose. But well, she certainly gave me some anxious feelings and a few skipped heartbeats etc.

Otherwise the first week at work after the vacation wasn't that bad, I kind of like my job anyway. I don't like getting up early in the morning and this week it was particularly difficult – both because of the daily rhythm I had on my vacation and the issues with my dog which kept me awake.

On Sunday, when I was still happily enjoying the last day of my summer vacation, I was being somewhat lazy, but still wanted to make myself look somewhat humane so that I could go downtown. (Yeah sure, I could go without making myself up, but it's no fuuuun...)

For someone with a SLR camera and a proper tripod, I'm bloody lazy when it comes to taking photos of myself. Setting up the equipment is just so troublesome..! Anyway, I found the mini vest at UFF the other day, and I think it was quite a good find! (If you think you see a jar filled with cigarette stumps, well, yeah, you do. But I don't smoke myself.)

The Cure's Burn is quite a nice, somewhat a hypnotic song. I haven't seen The Crow, but it's fascinating me. I wonder if it contains too much gore for someone like me? For someone, who doesn't watch movies which have been rated R for graphic violence?
So long~


  1. Aah, I love the song as well <3
    Suosittelen Crow'ta, väkivaltaa sinä ei tosin kauheasti jätetä katsojan mielikuvituksen varaan... ehkä pehmeä lasku elokuvaan olisi lukea James O'Barrin graafinen novelli?

    Ja peeäs,
    Keep up the good work :)
    (and i'm glad the dog is okay!)

  2. Thankee!
    Voisin tietty mielenkiinnosta lukea tuon graafisen novellin, tosin goretoleranssini esim. sarjakuvien suhteen on huomattavasti paljon korkeampi kuin live action -elokuvien. Sama oikeastaan animaatioissa ja missä tahansa piirretyssä – kyllä niissä voidaan pistää ihmisiä kilon paloiksi ilman, että voin pahoin, mutta näytellyissä leffoissa en kestä juuri mitään. Mutta kiitos vinkistä! ;}


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