Sunday, 9 September 2012

Revamping sanity again

♫ Vroudenspil – Lebenselexier

I started a blog layout renewal project again, this time with the intention of making it very, very simple. I wanted something which would draw the attention to the blog posts and photos. I figured I would rather make individual posts seem as fancy as possible with high quality photos instead of the layout because, well, the content is what matters.

This project is probably not complete, I may still create some sort of a simple background image. Some of you may wonder if I've ever had one – well yes, I have, but Blogger has occasionally refused to display it.

I'm frustrated now. First: I hate WYSIWYG-editors with a passion. In the end I couldn't even use it. Then, I just hate this whole system with a passion. Especially this text editor. Hey come on, you cannot seriously style the text or image elements within the html tags. Seriously.

I have a friendly message to the Blogger developers, but since it's not particularly civilized, I will only write it in Finnish. It's the best way to express how I feel at the moment. And those of you who didn't understand – I assure you, you don't need to.
"Nyt vittu oikeesti."


  1. Hyvin sanottu, aplodeja. Ihan totta etteivät nämä editorit ole ihan rakastettavimmasta päästä.
    Odotan innolla ulkoasuprojektin valmistumista. Parempi niinpäin, ettei tosiaan layoutti vie kaikkea huomiota, sen kun vielä itsekin saisin sisäistettyä...:D

    1. Saa nähdä koska tapahtuu enemmän, vähän olisi ideaa johonkin taustakuvaan, mutta eipä Blogger ole sitäkään tehnyt niin yksinkertaiseksi kuin mitä asia oikeesti on. Kyllä voi graafikkoa vituttaa siis. :D Noh, panostan sillä välin vaikka blogipostien kuvituspuoleen sitten.


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