Monday, 17 September 2012

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning

♫ Voyager – Times Like These

Well, everything happened quite fast, I went shopping on Ebay... Then one day maybe a week later a courier came rapping at my chamber door and brought these beautiful posters. Consequently, I went frame-shopping, which was slightly more difficult since our default frames are not really made to fit (supposedly) standard poster sizes measured in inches. Although I do find smaller top and bottom margins slightly awkward, it was the best compromise.

You can admire my furnishing solutions. :> No, not really. I'm not too fond of my bed, let alone the cover blanket. I would own a nightstand, but there are... reasons which prevent me from placing it next to my bed, which results in awkward piles of random stuff next to my bed – the modem for example, just because the only socket for it is right there.

The reason for these solutions is right in the foreground. The reason why I had to take the photo from this angle is the fact that the glass of the frames reflects quite a lot, which is probably very natural, of course a bit frustrating too. In many lighting conditions the darker poster is just a solid black box. :E


  1. Überawesomepoeness. Hyvin tyylikkäät julisteet, yksinkertaisuudessaan todella hyvännäköiset. :>

    1. Kiitti, tykkään kans ite niin paljon! :> Hieman vaan ärsyttää tuo heijastuvuus, kun en voi ihailla niitä joka hetki ja joka kulmasta!


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