Friday, 3 August 2012

Heavy beat Saturday

♫ Inmoria – Hear My Prayers

Oops, I'm not getting back to Berlin posts yet either. Instead, I'm trying to write a short post about last Saturday's heavy metal festival in the neighboring town. It was a two-day festival, but we only went there on Saturday. And here we have a quick summary of each artist and their show. The quality of the photos is "smartphone" because honestly, I forgot to take a compact camera with me.

The first band was Anthriel, metal from my hometown. I have been listening to their album The Pathway, and thus, really looked forward to seeing them live. Their show was good but it felt short, I don't think they even played all the songs from their only album. Their style is like melodic and progressive metal, hear for yourself:

Anthriel – Devil's Lullaby

Lunar Path
The second band was, although still Finnish, not from any of the neighboring towns. I hadn't listened to them at all in advance, so I didn't know what to expect. However, an unexpected quarter figured out I'm a fan too, so yeah... That's not quite true. Their show was alright, but it's difficult to set me on fire with a live show if I just don't know the band already. I'm not a big fan of female vocals in metal bands either.

Lunar Path – Paper Dove

Battle Beast
Did I just say something about not liking female vocals in metal bands? Well, I'm not taking that back exactly. Battle Beast was the band I was looking forward to the most, I have been listening to them quite a lot lately. And yeah, the frontwoman... Bloody hell, that voice. Let's put it this way: Most female metal vocalists make the music sound somehow too delicate and too dramatic to my taste. If they have soft voices (and even worse, if they're trying to imitate Tarja Turunen), they just rarely please me, at least not enough (to set me on fire). However, this lady, Nitte Valo, is so damn kick-ass. If I could sing like her, sure I would be a vocalist in a metal band! So yeah: at the moment I cannot name a female metal vocalist I would like more. Enough said. The music is awesome too, and the guys are quite young. The show was amazing. Perhaps that's the reason why these photos were the worst. I concentrated on rocking instead.

Battle Beast – Show me how to die

Battle Beast – The band of the hawk

This one was a heavy metal cover band. Nice stuff, although their version of Scorpions' Big City Night was a bit tame, it's not easy to convey the same, hum, expression as Klaus Meine. Got to hear some Skid Row, Judas Priest, Wasp and humm... Iron Maiden, even two of their songs. Fear of the dark made us jump-jump-jump. :> Apologies, I don't think I jumped on anyone's toes. It wasn't that crowded yet at that point.

Sonata Arctica
Does this band have to be introduced? Funnily, even though I like them a lot, I had never seen them live before. On the other hand I had a feeling their live show wouldn't be as good as their old songs are on an album. I had never even seen a very convincing live video, quite the contrary, but on the other hand I'm not into watching live videos to begin with. Thus, I was also looking forward to them, even though I was slightly afraid they would mostly play their new material. I have only heard their new single, not the whole new album, and I really like their very old material the most.

It was obvious that most people had only come there because of Sonata. :> Even though the event had an age limit of 18 years, the most avid Sonata fans were occupying the front row from the very beginning. (This resulted in these absurd moments when the other bands were playing and the front row seemed bored while the fun started from the second row to the back of the audience.) Thus, we didn't even try to get much closer to the stage anymore. The gig was okay in the end, even though they did play some songs I didn't know. I would have loved to hear more older songs, but at least there was FullMoon, and Don't say a word. Ah, had fun, great fun.

Sonata Arctica – FullMoon (cannot decide which songs to link here, so yeah, at least this is awesome)

It was difficult to get back to this city though! :D And I wouldn't have expected it to cost almost ten euros – the night time doubled the normal fee. Sadly, we and one couple heading in the same direction figured it out a bit too late – we should have shared a taxi, yet on the other hand it was impossible to find a free one. But it was fun still. Good times, good times. So long!

P.S: The festival outfit photo provided by a local newspaper this time. :0 So there, Sherlocks. Best regards, "the princess among the metal goblins".


  1. Ah, Battle Beast! I should learn more of Lunar Path. An interesting band that is.

    1. Yesh, Battle Beast! Lunar Path is worth checking out too, although not so original.

  2. Battle Beast ja Sonata? Erinomaista. Arvostan Nitte Valoa suuresti, ihan ehta hevilaulajatar ja todella uskottava. Piti levykin hankkia.

    1. Uskottava todellakin. Itse en häpeäkseni levyä vielä ole hankkinut, Spotifystä vaan kuunnellut.

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