Friday, 4 May 2012

May today become the day

♫ Winter's Verge – Old Man's Wish

...the first day of the rest of my life, nothing more fancy this time. I'm sorry I've been silent here, I cannot even say I've been busy, just lazy. And my actual posting ideas have been lacking a bit of this and that, so if you were looking for some interesting content... keep waiting. :D

I'm only updating to whore out myself some interesting bits of my style. And to try out some new ways to arrange photos in my entries, let's see if I can make these look good or even different to begin with. The process to renew and constantly improve my blog layout is, well, never-ending.

I thought about creating one of these funny reflected image collages, but then I ended up taking the easy route! This, because I have been photoshopping enough today and I'm going to work tomorrow! In order to gain an extra day off...

Anyway, the outfits! First, the one on the left – I had been looking for such a skirt for ages! I wanted to find a skirt with an underbust waistline, but it didn't turn out easy at all. Eventually I put up a message on a gothic flea market on Facebook, and much later one kind person offered their old skirt to me. The skirt had originally been the size L, but the previous owner had made it smaller to fit the size XS. Perfect! I had wanted one such skirt because I figured it would flatter my figure, the long back which doesn't always need to seem as long as it is. Last Sunday we went to see some dance performances (it was International Dance Day!) and I wore that skirt with a *gasp* red shirt. The shirt is not new, but I haven't been wearing much color lately.

And on the right I'm showing off my outfit of the day, what I wore to work today. I have a shirt and a skirt, not a dress, but I like those extremely simple and comfortable clothes quite a lot and feel good wearing them. The shoes I'm wearing in both photos are pure love as well, I just recently got a chance to start wearing them again after the winter. These photos don't flatter the shoes unfortunately, the heels don't even seem as high as they are.

By the way, someone could teach me to pose. I didn't know whether I should have laughed or cried when I transferred the photos from my camera. Uh-oh, one day at work my colleague jokingly introduced me to some guy (possibly a photographer) as "our graphic designer with a model's body" (this, because they were both men and shorter than me when I was wearing those shoes). (And in fact I don't have a real model's body either.) I just cannot seem to pose for photos without either standing too still or seeming to be overdoing it. :D And I assure you, I picked out the least ridiculous ones.

I've also purchased a new piece of ear jewellery. It's a dragon tailbone wrapping around the whole ear. It's quite funny, though it's shaped in such a way that you have to get a different piece for the left and the right ear. I only got one because my other ear has several piercings. Too bad I tend to wear my hair somehow covering that ear most of the time! :D Yet I guess that piece is for special occasions and special hairdos. I feel a bit bad for not choosing the octopus tentacle piece though! It would have been pirate credible, but I thought it didn't look as nice as the dragonbone. :x I feel I'm a bad pirate. So long!

P.S: I couldn't provide any interesting content to go with the topic, which is Sentenced's song. But then I figured Evil Masquerade's song "A Great Day to Die" would do here! Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on Youtube. I'm not sure I'm going to die today either, I would need to hurry up anyway, only less than half an hour left of this day.


  1. Harr, vinkeä hame! Tuo naamakirjakirppari kuulostaa hyvältä. Viitsisitkö vinkata mistäpäin Kirjaa löytyy? Tai, taidanpa osata etsiä muutenkin. Kiitos vinkistä!:>

    1. Kiitän! Jos et vielä itse löytänyt niin Facebookin Goottikirppis löytyy täältä:

  2. I love your makeup in the second photo. And that underbust dress. It's so adorable on you! That was a great find, indeed.

    You were so right in your comments over on my blog about interview outfits (which I finally replied to! lol). I'm in design, but since I do mostly Web stuff I tend to be around IT people more than anything... So there is still that definite understanding that creative types will dress like creative types, but maybe not as flexible as in a design studio or something. Keep posting your work outfits to give me more ideas!! ;)

    1. Thank you very much!
      I might try to post more work outfits as well, I've been concentrating on special occasions after all. :) And yeah, I guess I might have to dress in a slightly more conservative way in such an environment as well, but I guess it wouldn't be that bad after all.


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