Thursday, 1 December 2011

Properly coated

I'm participating in another theme post by Sophistiqué Noir. This month's theme was outerwear, which isn't the easiest topic for me as I'm not satisfied with the jackets and coats I have. In fact I've been hunting for a proper winter coat for long, as well as an autumn/spring coat – but to no avail. I'm very picky; most of the coats and jackets sold in the regular clothes stores are too boring. When I move onto alternative fashion brands and their outerwear lines, the products are often too fancy; too full of mismatching details, cut in a way that doesn't flatter anyone, too edgy to be worn to work...

Thus, I'm not showing photos of my own clothes. Instead, I decided to draw a few rough sketches of the kind of jackets I'd like to find. (Stress on the word rough – I can draw better, yet maybe not fashion illustrations as I'm not a fashion designer.)

Steampunk and pirates inspired me a lot, but I had to tune down those styles in order to achieve designs which could go well with my many diverse outfits and especially work outfits. I know there are many stores which sell steampunk and pirate style outerwear, but most of those are, although very beautiful and nice, still too complex to suit my everyday style. It's a shame, but I would really need something more practical than what a stunning pirate-credible jacket with a fixed vest would be. Besides, I would need a winter coat for extreme weather after all (when it goes below zero in Fahrenheit too).

"Gather lords and ladies fair"
– Blackmore's Night
I might like a simple jacket with vertical stripes. And if it was in neutral colors, it would be easy to mix with colorful clothes and accessories (as if I wore such).

"Tilt the galley over for no emperor
nor chain will stand in my way!"
– Turisas
The drawing is barely flattering my idea, which I think is better than the sketch. I'm not sure what would be the best way to carry it out though; maybe a pirate ship embroidery somewhere in the hem, or with the right type of fabric it could be a print too.

"We’re the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves now"
– Abney Park
A simple jacket could be fancified with a leather harness.

"I stand here alone on the bow of the ship
counting the hours 'til I die"
– Alestorm
A few military/navy inspired details would be enough, without making the whole piece in such a style.

I wouldn't mind being directed to a good web store selling something nice that would be at least a bit in-keeping with my idea of a stylish jacket. However, the most important part would be warmth – I live in Finland after all, and I certainly need a winter coat with full lining and such. Suggestions are very welcome.


  1. I have absolutely no idea where to find these kind of designs, but the first and the third sketches are really lovely!

  2. If you can sew or know somebody who can. You could seek for similar patterns but modify them a little to your own design. Your drawings are soo good, I thought you were a designer or studying as designer when I saw them. I'm very good at sewing but I just cant get my ideas on a paper. So I have to memorize and do it on the pattern at once.

  3. These are fabulous! The sketches are excellent, and the designs are even better. You would make a great fashion designer. I love them all, but especially the last one, with the military details.

    Thanks for participating in the Dec. theme. I really enjoyed your unique take on the topic of outerwear.

  4. Lynoire, sadly enough, neither do I! Thanks for the compliment. :3

    linnea-maria, thank you! I'm merely a graphic designer so I have no real knowledge of fashion illustrations. Unfortunately I cannot sew at all! I'm totally hopeless and I can barely fix loose buttons. :D

    VictorianKitty, thank you! It was fascinating to participate in the theme again.

  5. I love all of them :) I usually buy a plane thing and then add details to it. It's cheaper and easier to get what you want ;) Lovely blog, by the way.

  6. Audronasha The Countess, thank you! I wish I had the talent to even modify basic clothes with some proper results. I'm just too hopeless with needles.

  7. Aijaijai. Meikä rakastaa noita luonnoksia. Erityisesti tuo toinen ja kolmas. Olisinpa iloinen jos löytäisit tuollaisia jostakin, niin postaisit kuvia kuolattavaksi!:)

  8. Cpt. Ina, kiitos, niitä odotellessa. :D Tällä kertaa voisi melkein toivoa, että joku vaateketju varastaisi idean, kun en kerran oikein itsekään osaa hyödyntää.


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