Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jolly holidays!

With this quick mobile update I wish all my dear readers, old and new, a very merry Christmas, or whatever you are celebrating!

I have no idea what these mobile posts will look like - especially the uploads, but I will enclose a photo of my Gingerbread Pirate Crew! Arrr, jolly holidays! And thank you all who have been reading my blog!


  1. Is it Lilla My?? I'dont know what you call that little angry and happy Mumin caracter.

  2. Linnea-maria, yes it is! :D She made a very good shape for short little pirates.

  3. What a great looking crew!
    Your blog always reminds me of that one silly joke:

    -Hey, do you know why pirates are called pirates?
    -Well, because they arrrre! ;)

  4. That be epic.
    And speaking of pirate jokes...
    Why a pirate dentist gave up his job?
    -Say ARRRRR!

  5. Satuilin, thank you. :D I guess I'm honoured if my blog reminds you of that joke, I've always loved it since it's both stupid but oh-so-clever.

    And thanks Cpt. Ina, and hahah, hadn't heard that one. :D


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