Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cover your hands – monthly theme post

I decided to participate in Sophistiqué Noir's monthly theme post for once, maybe because the theme, gloves, is pure love. I love wearing gloves! Armwarmers too, yet I wear them much less these days than I did a few years ago. But I certainly like to add gloves to party outfits! Nowadays I rarely think gloves or armwarmers would suit my work outfits, but they're nice to wear on special occasions. However, for someone as glove-obsessed as me it's strange how boring I am when it comes to keeping my hands warm! I wear old, shabby mittens (yet I have a cute pair knitted by my mother) or something otherwise inelegant. Maybe I should seriously start looking for a pair of warm and stylish gloves for the upcoming winter? But now, let's take a look at what I found in my cache...

"Maybe that's why you don't see faces like mine every day"
– Emilie Autumn

Short, lacy gloves are most of the time light and easy to wear – even in the heat of the summer. They're elegant and still they can be used in a ragged rock outfit as well. Sadly, they are quite vulnerable to Velcro straps I have in some of my bags...

"Learning to fly, touching sky on my way"
– Stratovarius

These are very long armwarmers that can come up to close to the armpits. Most of the time I add them to those more ragged outfits, but I have worn them as a part of a more classic, simple outfit too. They've been to many gigs, and goth clubs in particular!

"Obsessions need to swell, a genius in his cell"
– Twilightning

Classic, long gloves are, well, classy. Such gloves made of silk or satin are usually quite expensive – mine are cheap, made of some... synthetic fibres? I'm not sure, but I bought them in a costume shop. The material may not be that elegant on a closer look, but nevertheless, the gloves work fine in an elegant clubbing outfit. I think they are my only gloves (that I wear for the looks) which actually cover the whole hand.

"I'm not your china doll, I'm not your geisha girl"
– Cristal Snow

I don't wear these armwarmers much anymore, they're quite old. I had them already in high school and used to love them back then. They can seem pretty, but they are a bit impractical. I would like to have similar ones which would be much longer.

"Or should I go and change my point of view for other ugly scenes"
– Alphaville

These are my newest gloves, and since they haven't yet been introduced here as a "new purchase", I will do it now. Fishnet gloves with a finger loop; nice and light to wear, yet I'll already have to repair one of the loops as it's very close to snapping. Perhaps I should stop writing and move on to sewing?

Gloves in general are probably the reason why I don't own that many bracelets. Of course they could be worn together, but I'm not used to that, and if I had to choose, I'd probably always go for nice gloves! Gloves, gloves, give me more gloves... So long!


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the way you display your gloves. I have considered to do a themepost as well but I have more armwarmers than gloves. We both liv in a cold country.

  2. Wow, your photos are so beautiful-I have photo envy! I especially love your short lace gloves-I need to get another pair myself, as I accidentally lost mine, and miss them dreadfully. What a lovely post-I also like the fishnet ones with the finger loops!

  3. I love how you modeled your gloves!! The lace ones are especially lovely (I have my eye on a similar pair on Greatlookz, but in white). I totally know what you mean about lace and Velcro. I try to avoid anything with Velcro on it at all costs. :) The corset-lace armwarmers are awesome! But I can imagine those laces getting caught on stuff all day long. Do you find that to be a problem?

    Thanks for joining in the monthly theme today with this gorgeous post!

  4. Wow! These are all beautiful and your photos are brilliant! Very artistic! :)

  5. linnea-maria, thank you! You should certainly participate in this theme post, you still have time! ;D And yes well, living in a very cold country gives a good excuse for... purchasing more warm armwarmers!

    Jamie, thank you so much! What a pity you lost your gloves. :[ Hopefully you can find even better ones somewhere!

    VictorianKitty, thank you! I'm also trying to avoid Velcro, yet at the moment my most practical shoulder bag has such a strap and it's a pain. On the other hand that gives me a good excuse to keep looking for a new practical clubbing bag... In fact the lace in those armwarmers isn't that much of a problem, it's quite coarse (bad quality) and not too vulnerable to possible things getting stuck to it. However, their shape is probably the worst part; I doubt they fit anyone's hands properly, and somehow the hole for the thumb makes it even worse.
    And it was great fun to participate, gloves inspire me quite a lot!

    Kamyria Magdalena Mourn, thanks for the compliment! :}

  6. I love your gloves! The way you are modeling them is quite unique, too- I never would have thought of that! My favorite are the armwarmers- the red contrasts with the black amazingly. In fact, seeing all these gloves is making want to buy a couple of more pairs!:)

  7. Your photographs are amazing. I thought that they were magazine shots. All your gloves are stunning. Your first pair are especially lovely.

  8. Celeste, thank you! Getting inspiration to buy new gloves cannot possibly be a bad thing, now can it? :3 They're practical accessories after all.

    siouxsiel, thank you very much! I'm quite far from being a professional photographer and thus I'm not so sure those photos have magazine credibility, but I'm glad you like them. :}

  9. Wow, how lovely photos!

    I love the black an red armwarmers and the short lacy one is also really cute, but I always have to buy a new pair every month, because they break indeed waay too easily...okay, now I want to wear them again! ^^

  10. Lynoire, thank you! If I wore those short lacy gloves more often I would have had to buy several new pairs already, they're so fragile... And it's not too easy to find such cute gloves. :}

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  12. Hyvin Hurmaavia Hansikkaita. Itselläni taitaa olla vähän samantapaiset kuin nuo toiseksi alimmat. Ja kiinnostava myös tuo teemapostaus, en ole ennen kuullut moisesta lainkaan. :)


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