Sunday, 18 September 2011

Keys to my heart

♫ Secret Sphere – Scent of a woman

I think I could write about many recent events, but I'm being harassed into a roleplaying session, yet I think I should have dinner too. But I'll post a quick update about the Ofelia Market event. It was held in Tampere on September 11th, and I quickly popped there to purchase a few nice things.

A pair of skeleton key earrings. My boss already told they look cute.

A skeleton key necklace. This was from Sanna von Steam. I joked with my friends that I only need some locks now... Or then they're all in my heart. Oh so dramatic.

Although I just quickly popped in at Yo-talo, I decided to dress up for a change. The following (obviously edited) photo shows what I looked like.

I wear that dress quite rarely... Last time was probably at the Christmas party of my workplace. It's quite a nice dress although the heart-shaped hole makes it difficult to wear anything underneath as it would look a bit strange if a shirt's neckline crossed the hole. But now, I had better go get some dinner before the roleplay session. So long!

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