Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fangirls never die

♫ Silent Circle – Touch in the night

Ah, what a feeling – one of my dreams came true last night.

On Friday I didn't feel too good – I had caught a flu and thus had a sore throat. However, I'm not easily bedridden by such, and I went to work normally and so on. After work I went to see if I could still get pre-tickets to an 80's themed party held to celebrate the 25-year-old Sokos Hotel Ilves in the city. Fortunately I got the tickets, and then I spent the evening with:

Almost, at least. A true pirate like me cures a flu with a hot rum toddy. The problem is that I cannot really down anything hot. Yeah, a little detail of me; I don't drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate. And to be precise, I couldn't drink the whole toddy either. Hot and warm drinks make me feel like throwing up.

And then I prepared myself to finally see my everlasting music love live – that being Dingo! I've been their fan since I was twelve, and although there have been times when I haven't listened to them much, they still hold a very special place in my heart. Basically, of all bands I've ever listened to, I know their discography best, and their history altogether I suppose. However, I hadn't seen them live – and on the other hand I still think the band performing these days is not the "real" Dingo, it's Neumann performing their songs. Anyway, it only takes Neumann's original voice and some talented mucisians to make it sound like old Dingo.

Yeah, I knew each song they played by heart. And exhausted my poor throat by singing along too. How could have I possibly remained silent?

I took some photos, but they're all very poor, so I won't fill my blog with those. On the other hand I didn't go there to take pics but to enjoy the gig and had I wanted some good-quality documents, I would have taken my SLR camera with me.

I had a lovely night. ♥ Dingo, good food in a local Japanese restaurant, 80's music, White Russians, dancing and good good company! And yesss, I have another 80's party to look forward to! And since an 80's party without a memorable song is a rare occasion to me, I shall embed the video of such a song which will remind me of that night. Ladies and gentlemen, Silent Circle! So long!

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