Monday, 10 January 2011

Silhouette Eye Candy

 Penicillin – Nightmare before Christmas

Guess what is truly amazing?

Finding a site you thought you'd lost. Tonight, I suddenly remembered seeing some lovely wall decoration somewhere, some time long ago... And after searching and searching for a while, I eventually found a link to the said Etsy shop. How rewarding!

Pillboxdesigns creates awesome vinyl wall art. Truly stunning, and pleases my graphical eye – I think I use simple silhouettes quite a lot in my own designs as well. At the moment I'm living in a crappy studio apartment with light bluish, slightly patterned wallpapers, so I don't think any of those wall arts would look good here. However, I wish my next apartment will have concrete walls or something, rather painted anyway, with only one colour. I could order and apply some stunning art to them then.

Bat Attack is a funny flock of bats! However, I'm more into birds, and I'd like to have a flock of ravens or crows instead. Carpe Noctem looks rather cool above one's bed. This Beetlejuice Quote looks typographically nice – I haven't seen the movie, though. I should probably watch it, and if it turned out good, I might want to purchase that one.

However, my ultimate favourite deserves to be shown with a picture (© Pillboxdesigns, naturally). So it's a Large pocket watch vinyl art with a clock kit, looking awesome and I must say, it's rather creative! Especially since it seems to function!

Speaking of apartments, my dear old mother just gave me a link on msn (she's communication savvy like that), directing me to a page displaying an apartment for sale. Oh dear mother, I'm too young to buy an apartment until I'm mentally past forty, and I truly pray it won't even happen... Not that I wouldn't like to have an apartment of my very own, but the thought of a mortgage is horrifying.
So long!


  1. Thank you so much for the tip!
    I've been looking for something like that :)

  2. Hei :) Eksyin tänne ja halusin olla ensimmäinen lukija. Hauska nähdä miten tämä etenee.

  3. Jenni L, nice if you found the post useful!

    Satuilin, tervetuloa – tai kiitos, oletpa tosiaan ensimmäinen. Toivottavasti jatkossakin löytyy mielenkiintoista luettavaa. ;D


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