Friday, 7 January 2011

Lucky grabs, epic failures

♫ van Canto Fear of The Dark

I kind of like clothes. Especially new ones. :D Oh well, in spite of that comment, I'm not actually any kind of a shop-a-holic. I don't buy new things remarkably often; I'm rather picky and to some extent also aware of quality. That doesn't mean that I cannot purchase clothes from H&M, but I'm not into expensive yet low-quality things anymore...

And speaking of H&M, I popped there for the sales the other day, and I was rather sure I wouldn't find a thing, but surprisingly, I did. A nice skirt for 10€, and even better: it fits well at the waist! It's rare for me to find such clothes.

I also found a kind of shirt I've been looking for. It's not from H&M, it's a Spin Doctor product, a so-called gypsy shirt. No discount, but I'd been looking for something similar... I'd lacked nice tops for festive occasions, so I really needed something like it.

That's all about clothes I've managed to get. Then I could complain about my bad luck with Clockwork Couture. A bit before Christmas I tried to order Fireside & Burns Airship Crew tank top and Dapper Dames Dieselpunk Skirt, both in the size "small". I managed to submit my order, but soon I got an email telling me the skirt was out of stock. I didn't want to buy the top all alone, because the shipping fees would have cost me more than the top itself. Well, I've been keeping my eye on the site for some time, and a while ago I noticed the skirt seemed to be back in stock, in black and in the size S. Without a second thought I tried to order both those pieces, but then the tank top had been sold out in the smallest size! Gah! Oh well, I suppose I will continue to keep my eye on the site, in case I could still get those pretty pretty clothes one day...

So long!

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