Sunday, 15 June 2014

Natural is the new black, brown, red and pink

♫ Sabaton – Saboteurs

O-hai, I talked something about natural light in my previous post, it had something to do with having enough of that (as well as time to take photos and post) in order to present something else that is natural nowadays.

My hair! Okay, it's not natural in many senses – however, the colour is mostly my own now! I dyed my hair (dark brown) last over a year ago, and at some point I decided to try – and try hard – to let my own natural hair colour take over. I suppose the only reason for this is my laziness since I never bother to dye the roots regularly anyway. I also wondered whether my natural colour would be the one which would suit me best. I'm not yet sure about that.

I took those photos in the ambient light of my apartment, near the window, without a flash or any other artificial light. I edited the photos a bit in Camera Raw to make them look as accurate as my real hair colour might be. It's a dull brown, yeah, but it becomes less dull the longer it grows. Actually, it looks like the old dyed part began somewhere above my eyebrows in these photos, but that's not true, my hair has grown much more during these 15+ months. And I've learnt that it's kinda darker than I expected. When I still used to dye my hair red, the overgrown roots always looked horrifying in contrast with (faded) red – it was light and seemed only grey. It no longer seemed that bad when I started dyeing my hair brown instead. And nowadays, well... Whether I'm fine with it or not depends on the light. I die inside every time I look in the mirror in the hall of our office – the ceiling is low, and with a fluorescent tube right close above my head, my hair looks light and grey and absolutely horrendous. In the office toilets, on the other hand, I'm comfortable with my reflection.

Since my hair isn't particularly special anymore, I've started using my bright eyeshadows again – for some time I wore mostly brown, which didn't stand out much. I'm not sure how long I can put up with the hair though, but I've thought of using some direct dye next, hoping it will fade away rather than grow out. So long!

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