Sunday, 5 January 2014

Yet another new year

♫ Sabaton – We burn

Happy New Year, my dear readers! I know I'm a bit late with this one as well, but I think it's alright to wish a happy New Year at least during the first week of January. :)

I was a lousy, lazy blogger in 2013 and now I'm trying to write about the past year a bit, maybe about the new one as well. I was inspired by a few fellow bloggers' New Year's posts, and thus I'm going to borrow some elements and/or questions from them. ;)

The best memories of 2013
Going abroad feels nice every time – visiting Rome was something to remember for sure. A very dear friend got married in March, and I was one of her maids of honor.

"Just as sure as Rome is falling, I'll be rising again..."

The only photo of myself taken with my own camera at my friend's wedding :x

Did you do something you had never done before?
I visited Ostrobothnia for the first time AND for the second time too. >:x The second was not naturally the first anymore, but I visited different towns (and different sub-regions!) so I suppose it does count! And the trip to Rome was my first time in Italy as well.
I also went to a real big stadion concert for the first time ever – my favourite bands have usually been way too small to perform at such venues.
I started exercising at a gym, like weight-lifting and such! And no, this was not a New Year's resolution. It seems I quit too, since I suddenly no longer had that much time. >:x I didn't like it that much either, though I did feel good after the exercise and I know it did me good, but I have other physical hobbies which I prioritized once I no longer had the time for everything.
And when it comes to doing things for the first time, I could probably list a bunch of pole dance moves which I nailed in 2013.

You can go to Ostrobothnia, but you can't get away that easily...

Trying to catch a glimpse of Iron Maiden

This is not one of those epic success pole moves, unless the miracle of having enough grip at home counts. I have no evidence of the epic success moments. :(

The biggest achievement
Getting paid for doing graphic design again.

The biggest failure
My body is one big failure! Seriously, I'm suffering from something all the time; sports injuries here and there. At least I'm not very sickly otherwise, but it does piss me off that my body can't just take certain things when it comes to exercise (for example) and thus, I also failed my previous New Year's resolution (though I can blame my head too, not just the body!) Oh well, I'm trying again this year – hopefully I'll have some achievements to boast about later!

Are you happier than you were on this day a year ago?
Strangely enough, being able to drag myself out of bed too early each morning in order to go to work does make me happier than not being able to do that.

What did you want and get?
A job.

What did you want but didn't get?
A permanent job, but I am very happy and grateful for what I did get.

A rule of life you learnt
Don't evaluate yourself based on what others might expect of you (especially if you cannot meet those expectations).

And finally, what I am looking forward to or wish to experience in 2014:
I would like to get a permanent job.
A trip abroad – I'm just curious to see foreign countries and interesting cities, and I'll have to hope I can find the time and money.
Hopefully, there will be a lot of great concerts too!
And, I wish to learn a lot of new cool tricks on the pole.


  1. Mm. Työ/opiskelupaikka tekee niin paljon siihen yleiseen jaksamiseen. Mä olen ollut joskus jo viikonloppujenkin (sic!) takia hätää kärsimässä, kun ei ole mitään indikaattoria pystyisikö jotain tarvittaessa jopa tekemäänkin... :D
    Oletko selvillä mitä kiintoisia konsertteja olisi mahdollisesti tulossa tänä vuonna?
    Tosiaan mukavaa, jos päivittelet tulevaisuudessa enemmänkin. Hyvää alkuvuotta!

    1. Hehee, kyllä mä pystyn viikonloppuisin olemaan toimeton, jos koen ansainneeni levon vaikkapa viikon ahkeroinnilla. :D
      Vielä ei ole tiedossa kovin monia jänniä juttuja, mutta Powerwolf on kai parikin kertaa nähtävillä Suomessa tänä vuonna, jommallakummalla kerralla pitäisi hankkiutua paikalle!
      Hyvää alkanutta vuotta sinnekin!

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