Sunday, 19 February 2012

Zombie Fitness

♫ Lady Gaga – So happy I could die

I've been following the Bat Fit challenge with some interest ever since it began, yet I haven't participated in it at all. I've read related posts in several blogs and considered joining, but well... I don't know. However, I haven't been totally inefficient; I've tried some wholly new physical things, enjoyed them, and well... I've been developing and stretching muscles as I want to become more wiry and supple than I've ever been. (But that's a poor goal. I've never been supple – not even when I was a child. Thus, that mission is probably even too easy to accomplish!)

Anyway, I found something that might be of interest to some of my readers. A game called Zombies, Run! It will be released for iOS and Android phones, and it obviously tries to take basic jogging to a whole new level! And no doubt it does if you'll be hearing hungry groans following on your track. That seems very interesting! I wouldn't preorder the game yet, though – I want to get to know more about the actual gameplay part of it, and I want to read some reviews before spending $20.

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Obviously the gameplay mechanics include jogging and automatically experiencing things on the way, collecting items and such. Once at home, those items should be put in good use in the game world. The concept sounds intriguing. Looking forward to the release! So long!


  1. that sounds interesting indeed! :-O especially for people like me who run in the darkness ^^°

    1. Haha, after that you'll never dare to run at night anymore. :D

  2. Ev'rything with zombies in it is fun.


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