Sunday, 1 January 2012

History of times to come

♫ Bloodbound – Moria

It's time to write about the past and the future a bit. I'm not making a broad summary post with all the highlights of my 2011, but I'll mention a few things which I find particularly relevant.

I spent New Year's Eve with a few friends and some magic potions, and unfortunately some photos seem to prove that I wasn't particularly sober. But I'm made of steel and such, or I'm hardcore like a pirate, and didn't have a hangover. Even though:

The year 2011 was very remarkable for me. Unlike many years before it, it's likely to be imprinted on my memory for...ever? I used to distinguish so many earlier years from each other by associating them with concerts I had attended back then or something else that was probably fun and memorable (occasionally also miserable), yet not as important.

The room in which we partied had a lovely wall decal.

In 2011 I experienced so much – and although I didn't get that many remarkable first time experiences, the incidents which did happen became so significant since they all happened during one year. I think I can even say that I had the worst moments of my life in 2011, but also the best moments. In spite of some great sorrow I cannot deny that there were moments when I was probably happier than I had ever been before. In fact I remember thinking like that already during those moments.

So what did I learn? Maybe that I'm a bit stronger again and can actually live up to my rule of life:
"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Last night I also felt better than I had expected. A few things had been burdening me a bit – nothing too serious, and I could forget the issues. I remembered that I have awesome people around me – the ones with whom I was, as well as those with whom I was merely in a message contact... And those from whom I didn't hear last night, but who are still there, making my life richer.

I'm in the mirror!

My blog had its first anniversary a few days ago. I've really enjoyed blogging, I suppose, because apparently I only do it when I feel like it. However, I'd really like to hear my readers' opinions on, well, everything? What do you like and what don't you like in my blog? Which posts have been your favorite ones so far? Which topics would you like to see me writing about? If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please do express yourselves!

Studies show (in other words, the statistics do) that this has been the most viewed post in my blog, yet I'm  quite sure that's due to all those Google mishits when the unlucky have been looking for pirate map tutorials for Photoshop or Pirates of the Caribbean wallpapers. Sorry, folks! Maybe I should make up to those people and actually create a pirate map tutorial?

Anyway, I want to point out that I'm trying to make blog posts with some inspiring content, and thus, I really do care about what kind of posts my readers are most interested in. So please don't hesitate to suggest, request and beg for something you have on mind!

I also want to remind you of the giveaway draw which is running until Epiphany. Go participate, it might be worth the trouble! ;D

I want to wish all my readers an extremely happy and successful New Year! Thank you for this past year! So long!


  1. I love aesthetics! Okay, I do love words too, but on blogs I am drawn to visuals: outfits, quality photography (I love yours because you do it yourself), and more of those great fashion sketches like you did for the Outerwear theme! :-D

  2. Thanks VictorianKitty! I've thought of putting more effort into photography, which might result in updating more seldom, but hopefully with better quality. For fashion sketches I might need some fashion theme posts. :D

  3. Hell yeah matey! That be how true pyrates spend their New Year! I wish ye luck in ev'rything ye attend this cannon-blastin' yeARR!;)

  4. Arr, Cpt. Ina! Hopefully your year will be full of precious booty as well!


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