Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Medicine from Japan

♫ Penicillin – 南十字星

I'm not sure if this is a bad joke, or a joke at all... I feel so very awkward, but the truth is that I received a parcel from Japan today.

Penicillin's new album WILL, which was released at the beginning of March. And no, I'm not really trying to make fun of the situation, I truly felt a bit uneasy, although I'm usually all enthusiastic when I get my hands on their new releases. However, today I couldn't help thinking of what the situation is like in Japan at the moment... All the devastation, trouble... the nuke crisis. I'm not hysteric, but I've loathed nuclear power ever since I was umm... fifteen, maybe? One school project back then made me realize what it really is all about, and well... I'm quite green. Although well... it's not the biggest issue in Japan yet. If the situation doesn't get any worse on the nuke plants, the natural catastrophe will surely be worse. A very unfortunate event. :/

I also received a signed photo. Fangirl stuff.

Today I also fell victim to alcohol advertisement... All due to a recent local JCDecaux campaign promoting Crowmoor with some very stunning, well, moor imagery. The bottle label is not as breathtaking as the big posters at bus stops, but I'm rather sure I only bought the bottle because of the ads... (Yeah sure, I'm working in the field of advertising...) Not that I wouldn't have bought something anyway! But I cannot even recall ever drinking Crowmoor before. And well, that will have to wait until Saturday... So long!

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